7 portraits of Adrian Maulana and his wife, who have been together for almost 22 years, both love to use public transport

Actor Adrian Maulana and his wife Dessie Ilsanti officially married in October 2001. In nearly 22 years of marriage, this couple’s family has never had a side issue, Mom. (Photo: Instagram @adrianmaulana/ @dessyilsanti)

Adrian and Dessie had two daughters, Sharla and Sheza. The couple often share photos of family togetherness on social media. (Photo: Instagram @adrianmaulana/ @dessyilsanti)

Adrian and Dessie have different careers. If Adrian works as an actor and model, then his wife works in the field of psychology. (Photo: Instagram @adrianmaulana/ @dessyilsanti)

You know, they are both still romantic and often spend time together. At the end of May last year, they went on a trip to Japan together. (Photo: Instagram @adrianmaulana/ @dessyilsanti)

While in Japan, they visited several places. Adrien and Dessie also shared romantic moments in Sakura Land. (Photo: Instagram @adrianmaulana/ @dessyilsanti)

This couple has the same hobby. In addition to traveling, they often use public transport. Adrian and Dessie also frequently share other positive things on social media. (Photo: Instagram @adrianmaulana/ @dessyilsanti)

While in Japan, Adrian and Dessie also took the train and walked more often. Because of her affair, Dessie felt that she didn’t get tired of going through all this while she was with her husband. “After boarding the plane, there will be many trains and walks. As long as you are with me, I do not feel tired. Kuviiiiit…,” he wrote on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram @adrianmaulana/ @dessyilsanti)

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