60 years of the Missile Crisis: how the US prepared “ground zero” in the event of a Soviet missile attack from Cuba

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Soldiers with Nike Hercules missile

image source, HM69 Nike Missile Base

When on October 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy denounced the deployment of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba, the world was placed on the brink of an atomic war.

At that time, no part of the United States was safe from possible attack by Soviet nuclear weapons.

And the first line of fire was the Florida panhandle, whose closest point to the island is a mere 145km away of some of the missile platforms secretly installed by the USSR in Cuba.

“People in Miami were aware that the missiles in Cuba were offensive and aimed at the US. And this was the closest large US city to the island,” the main historian of the city’s Museum of History, Paul S. .George.

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