6 nighttime habits to help keep your blood sugar stable

KOMPAS.com – It is important to always pay attention to maintaining a stable blood sugar level, especially for patients with diabetes or people at high risk of developing this disease.

High blood sugar can cause a number of complications in the long term, such as heart disease, nerve damage, and kidney failure.

While we need to maintain intake levels to keep blood sugar levels stable, the evening can be a critical time to maintain blood sugar levels, as physical activity usually declines and the urge to eat becomes larger.

Moderating a number of nightly habits can help prevent high blood sugar levels.

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The habit of maintaining a stable blood sugar level at night

Here are some good nighttime habits to help keep your blood sugar stable, according to Livestrong.

1. Stay up late

Experts stress that one of the steps to keeping blood sugar levels stable is to prioritize sleep.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, the ideal sleep time for adults is between 7 and 9 hours.

What’s more, it will be difficult for the body to use insulin properly, which in turn will cause blood sugar levels to spike the next day.

“In terms of blood sugar levels, sleep gives the pancreas (which produces insulin) time to rest,” explains Kunal K. Shah, MD, an internal medicine physician in the Department of Endocrinology.

2. Don’t eat before bed.

People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes may experience spikes in blood sugar levels after eating.

Ideally, avoid eating before bed to keep your blood sugar under control.

“Don’t eat dinner before bed. This can lead to high blood sugar throughout the night and even into the morning, ”explains the doctor. Shah.

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3. Avoid sugary and carbohydrate foods after dinner.

It is important for people with diabetes to pay attention to what we consume at the end of the day.

Ideal nutrition recommendations include protein, healthy fats, and fiber to help maintain stable blood sugar levels.

As far as possible, avoid carbohydrates and sugary foods after dinner.


High blood sugar illustration

4. Light exercise at night

Many people exercise in the morning. But studies show that exercising at night keeps blood sugar levels stable.

According to a 2023 Sports Medicine meta-analysis, activities such as walking, even at low intensity, can significantly lower blood sugar levels after eating.

However, not all exercise can help lower blood sugar levels. Because anabolics like weight lifting actually have the opposite effect.

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5. Brush your teeth before bed.

Not only does brushing your teeth before bed keep your mouth healthy, but it can also be a good bedtime habit for diabetics.

Brushing your teeth before bed can prevent the risk of gum disease, which is a complication of diabetes.

6. Relax at night

There is a link between stress and blood sugar levels. When the body is under stress, the body unconsciously releases the hormone cortisol.

This hormone causes the liver and muscles to release excess sugar into the blood, which in turn causes blood sugar levels to rise.

Dr. Shah suggests doing things at night that relax the body.

For example, make the atmosphere in the room more comfortable, dim the lights in the room, read a book before going to bed with relaxing music.

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