5G continues to grow towards a much smarter and more sustainable future

Without going any further, thanks to this technology, a number of technological innovations never seen before will be generated that we are already seeing as a reality that is being implemented in society. Some like games in the cloud, connected traffic systems or the speed navigation are some of the implementations that a few years ago we saw as distant, but that have become more immediate now. All thanks to the Ericsson ConsumerLab study for which they have been surveyed between April and July 2022, a total of 49,100 consumers in 37 markets; all of them with a specific age range that means that all people between 15 and 69 years of age are represented.

5G as an imminent change

If there is something that after the study carried out has characterized 5G and its impact on our lives in these 3 years that this technology has been on the market, it is the change that it has brought about both in the connection and in the way we communicate. But not everything stays in communication, it goes much further and even affects the economic problems that exist both in Spain, and the way in which we relate to each other.

And it is that without going any further, the fact of taking 5G as its own technology will make it resist inflation thanks to an imminent wave of new users that can even be valued at approximately 510 million users during 2023. All of them, with great hopes that this technology will come to improve their day to day both in speed and efficiency. A new wave that is coming, above all, driven by the adoption of this new technology in pioneering markets such as South Korea, Taiwan and the United States, where the necessary push has been given. If we add to this the great technological innovations proposed by 5G, as well as the benefit it gives us when it comes to being much more connected, we see this expected growth as normal, also helped by that satisfaction that gives not having to be looking for coverage at all times due to the speed that 5G gives.

With this technology consumption habits change, where we see that the consumption of much more advanced technologies increases, such as video and augmented reality. And it is that in the last two years, the consumption of augmented reality has doubled up to two hours per week. By 2025, it is expected that up to 4 hours of content will be reached with a greater involvement of the famous virtual reality glasses.

As a last point of consumption, if there is something that has captured all the curious glances in recent months, it is it’s the metaversea place that is of great interest to 5G users, and this technology is also one of those that is surely shown to be the promoter of this Metaverse.

The evolution in Spain

Our country has been one of the countries that has grown the most when it comes to improving the connection towards 5G, in the same way that it is one of the countries that intends to grow the most in the coming years. And it is that, without going any further, 23% of Spanish users have in mind move to 5G in the next 12 months, all this, thanks to the good results that this technology is reaping in Spain. Some results that are verified when we see, for example, that 8 out of 10 users admit that, yes, 5G is more expensive, but because of what this technology offers, they do not consider going back to 4G.

One of the key points that convinces the Spanish when it comes to 5G is the connection on their phone, the famous coverage that allows the device to connect faster to the network or to go more smoothly; a question that obviously improves with 5G since 26% of Spanish users think that the coverage is the reason why they choose to switch to this new technology.

An evolution towards the new that, thanks to the study by Ericsson ConsumerLab, we can verify with data that only confirms that 5G is not a will be, but rather an is, a reality that will make us grow much more than imagined.

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