5 Toxic Phrases You Should Never Say to Raise Successful Kids

Klein, who is also director of the Child Development Center at Barnard College in the United States. “Shame can be really toxic to a young child, which is to say poisonous, because then they carry that emotion with them.” speaks.

Accordingly, children are affected by the choices they will face in the future. “Maybe I’m not very successful, I shouldn’t try this” she might think.

Klein told CNBC. “It gets to the point where they doubt themselves. They see it as a weakness.” he adds.

According to the expert, there are 5 toxic phrases that should be avoided by anyone who wants to raise successful children in life.

These expressions, which are widely used, are especially used in relation to children who do not perform certain actions required by their parents or who show negative attitudes.

These are the following phrases:

  • So you’re in a bad mood again. You are always in a bad mood.
  • Why do you always get upset when this happens?
  • Have you ever done this (negative behavior) again?
  • Nonsense!
  • You are overreacting.

Klein says that belittling a child for his bad mood and sullenness makes him wonder if there is an ongoing problem with them:

They may feel awkward and unimportant, emotions that allow them to express themselves.

Klein lists 5 sentences that can be used in place of these toxic expressions as follows:

You don’t want to do it right now. I understand. But we still have to go.

If it’s hard to do, I’ll help you.

I wish we could do this.

Do you want to go out? I understand. Unfortunately we can’t right now.


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