5 simple tricks to make your Android faster

Thanks to some simple tricks, your mobile can go a little faster, not thanks to a magic formula, but because there are elements that can influence the way your device moves and to make it faster.

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These are aspects such as available space, software or even some system options that can help everything run smoother and give you a better experience.

If you need extra speed, apply these tricks. They will not change your mobile for a new one, since the hardware remains what it is, but it is true that they can help to have a little more speed.

Clean up apps and files

It is important not to overload the internal memory of your smartphone or tablet, and for this you will have to get rid of files and applications that you are not interested in keeping, leaving the space they occupy free.

If you haven’t used an app for a long time and you don’t think you might need it, uninstall it, and do a quick cleanup with the system’s built-in cleaner when you’re done.

You can do the same with the files that you have saved on your mobile, such as movies, large PDF files, new versions of the system and others. In this case, you can resort to apps like Amaze to make cleaning work easier for you.

Keep your device up to date

The software is also extremely important when it comes to making your mobile go fast, since if it has an old version of the system, it is most likely that missed a number of optimizations make it go faster.

Therefore, it is advisable to check if there are updates available with a certain frequency. In the vast majority of Android phones, this is done from the Settings appwithin the system information section.

Use the cloud to go light on your mobile or tablet

Cloud services are here to stay, and you can take advantage of them so that your mobile never run out of storage, Although, yes, not all of them are free.

For starters, you can take advantage of the free 15 GB offered by Google Drive to make the backup in Google Photos and make the images and videos on your mobile disappear from it, but remain saved on the Google platform

Minimalism by flag

If you need your mobile to go a little faster, you should try to be a little more minimalist with the way you use it, starting with Do not install applications that you are not going to use with a certain frequency. You can always install it when you are going to use it and uninstall it later.

Another important point in this regard may be to try not to have duplicate applications whose function is the same. A good example is email applications, since many people install several of these to manage their emails, even if it is worth only one.

Enable virtual RAM

We have already explained to you what virtual RAM consists of and despite the fact that it does not work as quickly as the RAM that is installed in your phone, it is true that It can mean some relief to your mobile at times when he has a lot of workload.

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