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Suddenly, the mobile has started to do strange things. Is it a bug, or is it about to die?

Taking into account the grey hair that we give them, all day moving them from here to there, activating their screen hundreds of times a day and using them non-stop, smartphones are pretty sturdy devices.

But they are not eternal, and sooner or later will end up spoiling. The problem is when it happens suddenly, and we are left without a mobile at the most inopportune moment, until we get another one.

We’ll see five signs that the mobile is about to die, that come to us via ZDnet. It is interesting to know them so that we can act before the fatal outcome occurs.

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In some cases we will not be able to do anything: the defective part cannot be fixed, and must be replaced.

In others we may be able to repair it before it breaks down.

At least we will have the option of look for an emergency mobile, before the current one crashes, and even back up the data.

Case or screen bulging

This is one of the most obvious, and most dangerous, symptoms that your mobile is about to die.

The battery has swollen due to excess heat and has deformed the mobile. It is rare that it does it for the case, because they are usually resistant, so the normal thing is that push to screen, taking it out of the frame.

It is a dangerous situation: If the battery swells, it may burn or explore at any time.

So don’t try to reposition the screen – turn it off immediately and have it repaired.

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Screen flickers

If you notice that the display is micro-firing, flickers or vibrates strangely, is that it is about to go bad.

It can be the screen itself, or the connector to the mobile’s motherboard. Get it repaired before the screen turns off completely.

Random reboots

Suddenly, the mobile has started to restart only randomlyeven when it is at rest. It is a bad sign.

It may be a bug in an app that remains in memory, or a faulty mobile component. But the normal thing is that it is the battery, which is beginning to fail.

Luckily, it is usually easy to change and not very expensive.

Touch screen malfunctions

Another fairly common failure is that the touch mode of the screen starts to malfunction. It does not recognize some finger touches, there is a lot of latency, or even random pressures occur.

It is a failure of the screen, which is defective, or is affected by the high lower temperature of the mobile.

Seek help before he stops recognizing finger touches and turns into a brick.

The battery does not charge

This is another critical failure, because without charge, the mobile does not go.

Try first to change the charging cable. It can also be a matter of the battery, or the USB connector where the charge occurs.

There is no choice but to get it fixed.

Are signs that your mobile is going to die they are easy to identify. Act as soon as possible, backing up your data, before the tragedy occurs …

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