5 series that you can watch if you like 1899


Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the creators of Dark, are responsible for this German production

5 series that you can watch if you like 1899
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1899 is the german series that Netflix premiere on November 17 and that is succeeding on the streaming platform. The production, which has an international cast, focuses on the passengers of a steamship that travels from Europe to America. His journey is complicated when they discover a lost ship in high sea. If you like fiction with intricate mysteries, inexplicable events and great enigmas, you can find other titles along the same lines below.


Jantje Friese Y Baran Bo Odar created 1899 after their success with the three seasons of Darkavailable in Netflix. The story begins with the disappearance of two children in a small town in Germany. The question that arises is not only who could have kidnapped them, but when. The event gives rise to a story of time travel, with characters who they move between different times and that it gets more complicated with the passing of the episodes.


What if you could completely separate your professional life from your personal one? The question is explored in this production of AppleTV+whose first season will premiere in 2022 and received 14 nominations for the Emmy. The drama revolves around Mark (Adam Scott), who works in a disturbing company where some employees must undergo a surgical procedure. This allows office workers not to remember anything about the outside during their workday, but also nothing about the company when they are away.


A futuristic theme park features advanced human-like androids. They are programmed to fulfill the wishes of the visitors, following a series of narratives each day, and they cannot harm them. The security of the place is endangered when some of the hosts, such as Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) either Maeve (Thandiwe Newton)they begin to be aware of this dynamic. HBO Max offers all four seasons of production.


Amazon Prime Video includes in its catalog the two seasons of this psychological thriller. The first introduces Heidi (Julia Roberts), who works at a place that helps soldiers return to their lives as civilians. Years later, when she leads a new life as a waitress, an auditor interrogates her to find out why she left her job. The second, related to the previous one, focuses on Jackie (Janelle Mone)a woman who wakes up in a boat with no memory of how she ended up there.

The OA

Prairie (British Marling) She arrives at a hospital after missing for seven years, but refuses to tell where she has been and how she was able to recover the sight she had lost. The protagonist decides to share with a small group of people the incredible story of her past, a story related to the limits between life and death. The two seasons of the series can be seen on Netflix.

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