5 series and movies to watch on the first day of the year and start 2023 on the right foot

The first day of the year is a moment of transition between the madness of the Christmas festivities and the return to reality. Surely you are already thinking about the list of new resolutions, but before launching into the routine it is fair to take a break without the pressure of the schedule and what better plan than to relax on the sofa with a series or a movie.

Among the novelties of these days you can opt for Rapturethe cult work by Iván Zulueta that has reached Filmin, or White noise, the new Noah Baumbach film with Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig that Netflix premiered. But if what your body asks for is entertaining stories to escape from the real world or optimistic stories that leave you with good taste in the mouth to face the new course, surely you will find the perfect option among these five proposals. Happy New Year!

‘Kaleidoscope’ (Netflix)

four years after Black Mirror: BandersnatchNetflix once again experiments with non-linear narrative, this time with a series about a great robbery whose eight episodes can be viewed in any order and they will appear randomly organized in each platform account.

Starring Giancarlo Esposito Y peace vega, the story follows a group of thieves over 25 years as they try to open a seemingly unbreakable vault to get the biggest jackpot in history, while being watched by the most powerful corporate security team in the world, and the law enforcement agencies following the case. An experiment to keep yourself entertained on New Year’s Day and compare the results with your friends.

‘Dickinson’ (AppleTV+)

This series of half-hour episodes recounts the youth of the poetess Emily Dickinson with the 21st century filter, successful moments of comedy and a mischievous anachronism in the use of language, music and the way its characters move through the world, just as they did in the Marie Antoinette of Sofia Coppola and Maria Stuart of reign.

Funny, intelligent and faithful to the spirit of the poetess in which she is inspired, dickinson was the hidden series of the launch of Apple TV + among the renowned posters of series such as The Morning Show either See. After having finished, it continues to be one of the great unknowns in the platform’s catalogue, but it is also one of his essentialswith which you will spend very good moments and you will start the year with a very playful spirit of protest.

[Hailee Steinfeld: “Me gusta pensar en cómo se sentiría Emily Dickinson al saber el impacto que ha causado”]

‘Begin Again’ (Movistar Plus+)

after the unforgettable Eleven, john carney once again played with a story in which two people come together for their passion for music, this time with a cast full of familiar faces including Kiera Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine and Hailee Steinfeldand changing Dublin for New York.

this is a movie much brighter than that one She may be a bit naive when it comes to the music industry, but she makes up for it with a lot of charm and great chemistry between her actors with whom she develops a platonic relationship that she falls in love with. At the end you will run to look for her songs on Spotify and it will make you start the year with good vibes and a smile.

‘Welcome to Wrexham’ (Disney+)

In this documentary series the actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds they learn to run the third oldest professional soccer club in the world. In 2020, Rob and Ryan teamed up to buy fifth division Red Dragons, hoping to turn Wrexham AFC into a comeback story.

Neither of them had experience in soccer, not even working together, because it was thanks to this project that they saw each other for the first time in person. Since Hollywood to Wales, from the pitch to the locker room, from the office to the bar, this documentary series follows their entire learning process, as well as the future of the team and of a town that trusted these two stars because it made them regain hope. A true, very human and optimistic story that reminds us of the importance of teamwork and the value of the community.

‘Upright’ (Filmin)

If you were left wanting to see more of Milly Alcock after the house of the dragonYou are going to love this Australian series. Here Alcock plays Meg, a rebellious teen used to getting on with life who is running away from a dysfunctional home. Her fate will intersect with Lucky’s (Tim Minchin), a musician who lived through better times and who travels with a piano on his back with which he hopes to get to his sick mother’s house.

The journey that both characters undertake together is literal and metaphorical, two people who apparently have nothing in common, but who They are there when they are most needed and help each other to lighten their heavy baggage. Spectacular Australian landscapes, episodes of only half an hour and a story that will steal your heart with its crazy adventures, moments of lyricism, surreal situations and an extraordinary ability to find beauty in every little moment.

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