5 movies to watch on New Years

The end of the year arrives and with this date also come family parties and celebrations, however not everyone enjoys these events and there are those who prefer to stay at home, alone or with a partner, enjoying a good movie.

That is why we have prepared this top movie to watch on New Year’s Eve.

While you were Sleeping

Starring Sandra Bullock, Bill Pulman and Peter Gallagher, this film tells the story of Lucy, Peter and their brother Jack, who by fate meet and find themselves involved in a tangled love triangle.

After having an accident in which Lucy intervenes to save him, Peter is left in a coma and his family assumes that she is his girlfriend, however this is not true. Everything gets even more complicated when Lucy meets Jack, Peter’s brother, and falls in love with him.

The entire tape takes place in the Christmas season, so it is an excellent option for this time. Available on Apple TV and Disney Plus.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play Joel and Clementine, two young people with very different personalities who meet and fall madly in love.

But what Joel and Clementine don’t know is that they were boyfriends in the past and that by their own decision they decided to forget about each other forever.

This film delves into the subconscious of the characters, trying to understand how they fell in love and why, despite undergoing memory erasure therapies, they continue to choose each other over and over again.

Available on Apple TV.

The Grinch

Either in your version live action or animated, The Grinch is undoubtedly one of the favorite movies to watch at Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

This tape tells the story of a boy who grows up resentful of the teasing and discrimination he experienced in his childhood, which leads him to hate people and completely isolate himself from the world.

However, a little girl comes into his life to remind him what love is and to help him forgive in order to be happy again.

Available on Netflix.

Adaline’s secret

Adaline is a beautiful woman with a happy family, but one night of intense snowfall everything changes for her after suffering a spectacular traffic accident.

Over the years, Adaline realizes that after this accident she does not age, so after talking about it with her daughter, she decides to move and start a new life so as not to raise suspicions about her strange condition.

For years, Adaline remains anonymous, living several lives and changing her identity and city from time to time.

But everything gets complicated for her when she falls in love with a handsome young man who turns out to be the son of someone Adaline loved deeply in the past.

Available on Netflix.

Sweet November

Nelson and Sara meet while taking a driver’s license test. He is a successful publicist, while she is a girl without a job who just lives life.

Despite their differences, Sara and Nelson begin a somewhat toxic relationship in which she expects him to be there for her, while she is not entirely honest about her intentions.

The couple quickly begins to have problems, so Nelson decides to move away, but when he realizes that he really loves Sara, he begins to investigate what she is hiding and discovers her great secret.

Available on Apple TV.

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