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The Father’s daywhich in Peru and other countries is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, is an ideal occasion to spend a nice day with the family, whether enjoying a good breakfast, a succulent lunch or, why not, enjoying a good movie.

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Nothing like ending a good Sunday with a movie, but sometimes so much variety can overwhelm us. This weekend we have a special party: Father’s Day, which is celebrated in different countries.

By the way, we present you 5 movies that explore fatherhood from various genres such as action, drama and comedy. Of course, all available on the platforms Netflix, Disney+, Star Plus and Amazon Prime Video.

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“Fatherhood” (Netflix)

Based on the moving memoirs by Matthew Logelin, the film is one of the most recent releases on the platform and was directed by Paul Weitz. Kevin Hart, the comedian, moves away from his most well-known facet to play a widower who must take care of his daughter. Thus, he will face various situations such as adjusting his work schedule, taking care of raising his daughter, meeting new women, etc.

“The best of my life” (Prime Video)

Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film chronicles the relationship between a father, played by Russell Crowe, and his daughter, played by Amanda Seyfried, over 25 years. The story begins in New York in the 1980s, where Jakes Davies, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, is dealing with the ravages of his wife’s death. This occurs while he is trying to raise Katie, his youngest daughter.

Captain Fantastic (Star Plus)

This is one of the best movies that can be enjoyed as a family in the Father’s Day. It’s about Ben and his wife Leslie, who have spent years raising their six children in the woods of Washington state, without the technology or comforts of the modern world. When she dies, Ben, now a widower, decides to take them back to civilization, but the contrast between these two worlds is very hard for all of them. This film portrays all the love that Ben has for his children, and is able to put their well-being before his own.

The Big Fish (HBO Max)

With this movie Tim Burton gives us a beautiful fable about love, family and life itself. Edward Bloom He is a man who likes to tell the anecdotes and crucial moments of his life, but adds fantastic features that make his stories impossible to believe. On his deathbed, he will meet his son, who has been estranged from him for a long time. Big Fish tells us about accepting the father who has touched us, understanding him, deciphering him and loving him.

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Little Miss Sunshine (Star Plus)

This clever comedy stars Greg Kinnear and Toni Collette as parents who take their one-of-a-kind seven-year-old daughter and the rest of their family to California, so that the girl, thanks to a stroke of luck, participates in the contest of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. Accompanied by her entire family, together in a beat-up van, they head west on a tragicomic three-day adventure full of unexpected surprises.

Here we can see the love of a father, brother, uncle and grandfather for helping the youngest of the family fulfill her dream of being Little Miss Sunshine.

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