5 mega-constructions that will transform cities in a few years

The mega-constructions respond and accommodate the increase in the population in the countries, they can also supply energy thanks to hydroelectric plants. From 20Bits we want to review the next works that will change the world.

Todtown (China)

Todtown is a mini city located within Shanghai that is connected by various rail and road networks.. This mega construction will have 1,000 apartments, a shopping center, offices, a cultural center and parks.

The work began in 2014 with an investment of 1.5 million dollars (almost 1,480,000 million euros), in addition, Goettsch Partners (architecture firm) and Lead 8 (studio) are carrying out the project to finish it in 2024.


It will be finished in 2023.

New Cairo Capital (Egypt)

The construction of the New Capital of Cairo began in 2015will be a 270 square mile site with 21 new residential districts and China Fortune Land Development Company invested 20,000 million dollars for the project (approximately 19,624,700 euros).

Said city will have 1,250 mosques and churches, a conference center with 5,000 seats, 2,000 schools, more than 600 medical facilities and the largest park in the world.

New Manhattan (United States)

New York Mayor Eric Adams is in charge of the housing affordability crisis, therefore, wants to expand Manhattan Island into the harbor. The proposal to expand the area by about seven million square meters involves the urban development of homes, offices and infrastructure.

This extension would be located between the East River and the Hudson River.In addition, it offers significant protection against overvoltages in electrical distributions. This project is called ‘New Mannahattan’, it would be a space for almost 250,000 inhabitants and could have almost 180,000 homes.

Manhattan Island Expansion
Manhattan Island Expansion
jason barr

Intempo building in Benidorm.

Lianghekou Hydroelectric Power Plant (China)

This mega construction is located at a height of 3,000 meters, that is, it is erected above other Chinese hydroelectric plants. It began in 2014, has been under construction for a total of seven years and According to the calculations of the experts, it will be finished next year.

The total investment has been 66,500 million yuan (9,500 million euros), it is estimated that it can reach 10,800 million cubic meters and that generate 11,000 million kWh of energy per year.

New City Istanbul (Turkey)

In 2016, the Metropolitan Municipality council approved the construction of 50,000 residences in seven towers near the center of Istanbul. The project has a shopping center, an underground garage with 6,200 spaces, a 2,500,000 square meter park, movie theaters, an airport and an ice skating rink.

Residential towers in the background.
Residential towers in the background.

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