5 incredible cosplays of Chun-Li from Street Fighter

All of us who have played a game of street-fighter we have our favorite character. Definitely, Ken Y Ryu are among the most favorite and recognized of the franchise, their technique Hadōken it is part of popular culture. But there is another character who rivals them in terms of popularity and who can be considered one of the pillars of the franchise, Chun Li.

Chun Li debuted in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior In 1991, the game was already a milestone in the history of video games, but it also introduced the first playable female character in a fighting game. Since its debut, it has become one of the faces of the franchise, appearing in practically all the video games and products derived from the saga. street-fighter. Both critics and fans have a very good opinion of the character due to factors such as her history, her athleticism and gameplay in the game, and she is considered a pioneer for female characters in fighting titles and video games in general.

Chun Li She is a Kung-Fu student who was trained by her father. She this she joined the Interpol in order to find out what happened to his father, who was also an agent of the Interpoland that he mysteriously disappeared on one of his missions.

Due to its popularity, it is very common to see artists cosplay the character. Here we show you a list of the best Chun-Li cosplay we have found.

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