5 essential keys to meet Gal Gadot’s Tesla

Gal Gadot has established herself as one of the most outstanding actresses today. This allowed her to access a large fortune with which she decided to fill her garage. At Tork, we will tell you 5 essential keys to get to know the luxurious Tesla that the Israeli-born actress drives.

Gal Gadot Today she is one of the most recognized actresses in the world. She rose to fame after being part of several installments of the emblematic saga fast and furious, where cars are protagonists. It may be thanks to these films that the born in Israel sparked his taste for high-end vehicles.

In Gadot’s garage we can find different types of machines, such as an economical Mini Cooper Sa truck cadillac-escaladea Jaguar F Type convertible and a BMW X5M. However, in this collection that she owns, her Tesla Model X. Next, we will tell you 5 essential keys to know this car:

1) His creation

Franz von Holzhausen with the Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X is an electric SUV type car produced by Tesla Inc. since 2015. This model was designed in California by Franz von Holzhausencurrent Chief Designer and Creative Director of Tesla Motors, who also designed the Tesla Model Sthe Tesla Model 3 and previously worked at Mazda.

2) Your engines

The electric motors of the Tesla Model X.

As we mentioned before, Model X is 100% electric, as it has two electric motors: one gives you rear wheel drive and other front-wheel drive. Together, these engines are capable of generating a power of 671 horsepower. Thanks to this power, it can go 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds and reach a 250km/h top speed.

3) Your door opening system

Gal Gadot under the door of her Tesla Model X.

Model X features two traditional front doors, however, the rear doors are not the classic sliding doors found on other SUVs. These two are doors.”falcon wing“, that open outwards and upwards, adjusting its opening movement based on the external objects detected by its sensors.

4) Your interior

The spacious interior of the Tesla Model X.

This car that drives who will give life to the Evil Witch in the live action of Disney, Snow White (interpreted by Rachel Zegler), it has a comfortable and spacious passenger compartment suitable for 7 passengers. This makes it an ideal car for the Israeli, since she can use it to ride with her family, made up of her husband. Jason Varsano and his three daughters: Soul, Maya Y Daniella.

5) Your price

Gal Gadot and her Tesla Model X.

To get hold of this Tesla, Gadot had to pay close to 140 thousand dollars. While it’s a pretty high amount for any of us, it’s not a figure she can’t afford. Let’s keep in mind that just for starring Red Noticewhere he performed with Ryan Reynolds Y Dwayne Johnsonthe actress took a bag of $20 million. What did you think of this car?

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