5 easy tricks to improve your phone’s internet connection


Good connectivity does not depend only on the internet provider. One by one, the key points to consider.

WhatsApp messages not sending, YouTube videos not loading, or slow web pages. Internet can be a headache when the connection is bad on the cell phone. Therefore, there is a series of tips and good practices that can improve the signal and therefore the experience.

The main problem with the mobile phone is that, as we use them for practically everything we do in our day to day, the applications accumulate and remain in background.

Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, mail and the browser Chrome o Safari have their own memory cache, a portion of the data that is stored to facilitate future access. This is a double-edged sword: can slow down the phone.

That is to say: that your cell phone has a bad internet connection does not depend only on the provider to which you connect, but on other factors.

Here are five tips to improve cell phone signal quality.

clear cache

Phone cache.  android photo

Phone cache. android photo

This is one of the main points that affects the performance of the phone. This is because the cache intervenes in the processes of the mobile phone but also in the speed of the connection. There are users who never clear the cache and experience lousy internet connections.

This memory has different ways of being stored (even its original version is in the hardware, that is, in a phone chip), but it is mainly found in the browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Samsung Browser) on the phone and in applications.

The ideal is to delete every month everything that stores cache.

A second issue to keep in mind is that it also occupies space, with which, deleting it frees up space on the phone.

Two birds with one stone.

close apps

It is true that over time phones, even low-end ones, became much more powerful. And while they can work perfectly even with multiple apps running in the background, this is not without a cost to the user experience.

The more applications running, the more the connection will be asked. and this can saturate the network, regardless of how fast the phone is.

This must be taken into account for a second aspect that affects how the phone works: applications in the background are a battery vacuum (see here).

Many times, closing the applications that remain open without us seeing them is enough to improve the connection.

To do so, in iPhone a small slide up displays the open applications. In Android, the square button in the bottom navigation displays everything that is open.

use a browser lite

Opera browser, an alternative to Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  Photo: Shutterstock

Opera browser, an alternative to Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Photo: Shutterstock

Most of the “big” apps come with a “lite” version, which is kind of like your light clothes. In short, they require much less memory and also connectivity data to function.

Same with web browsers: Opera Minifor example, is more efficient in how it handles internet data, which frees up bandwidth and impacts internet speed.

This is particularly useful also in terms of the general performance of the phone, especially with mid-range devices or with several years on the market.

Reset network settings

WiFi router: its configuration impacts navigation.  Shutterstock

WiFi router: its configuration impacts navigation. Shutterstock

There is one last issue that is often overlooked and that is the phone’s network settings. reset it It usually solves slow connections.

Many times it is set to automatic by default and this can cause problems and slow down the Internet. In the settings (Settings, mobile networks, network operator and disable “select automatically”.

Once this change has been made, restart the phone.

Check automatic update of apps

Apps update automatically.  AFP Photo

Apps update automatically. AFP Photo

Updating apps is another way your phone can eat up internet speed. Some recommendations aim directly at disabling them, but this is not recommended as it can be dangerous.

Many updates are developed to improve security features or even fix vulnerabilities.

What is recommended is knowing what applications we have installed and taking into account how often they update.

In general, by default the phone only performs them when we are connected to WiFi so as not to incur extra costs for mobile data consumption. For this reason, connection problems may appear when downloading.

It is not recommended to use the phone for issues that require a good connection at this time. Sometimes the solution is patience.


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