5 curiosities of ‘Night Flight’, the film starring Cillian Murphy

Before Cillian Murphy swept the most seriéfilo public in his role as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders, the actor already had a long professional career as a villain. In 2005, the Irish-born actor appeared alongside Rachel McAdams and Brian Cox in the thriller Night flightwhich had as director Wes Craven (scream, The last house on the left).

A fast-paced thriller in which Jackson (Murphy) is placed in the center of a plot to assassinate the Commissioner of Homeland Security (Cox), mid-flight. A plan in which Lisa (McAdams) is the key to everything.

Because of the arrival of the film on Netflix and the interest that has aroused again among the public, we collect some curiosities of the film.

Murphy’s insistence on Craven

Although Murphy was already a very successful actor at that time due to his participation in films such as 28 days later Y The girl of the pearlthe actor also suffered disasters in movies like batmanbegins. Although the Irishman landed the role of The Scarecrow- a role he would repeat in The Dark Knight Rises-, the truth is he had applied to play Batmana character in which he was not chosen because they were looking for a taller actor (Murphy is 1.75 cm).

To achieve this desired role in Night flight, Murphy flew from England to Hollywood, just two days before their wedding, to convince Craven that he was the perfect candidate to star in the movie. His two blue eyes would do the rest.

The Wright-Penn binomial that never was

With a story based on brainchild of Carl Ellsworth and Daniel Foos, the film would go around for several years until it got produced by DreamWorks SKG. In the minds of the creators, Robin Wright and Sean Penn were the ideal candidates to play the leads. The couple of actors maintained at that time a love relationship that lasted 14 years. However, both were not the candidates finally selected by Craven, who was looking for younger, unknown actors.

The realism of the plane

In the construction of the plane, the shooting set was assembled with hydraulic systems, a way to make sets really vibrate during turbulence. Also, the aircraft tickets were actually printed for passengers to use during scenes, with a reverse side with 12 terms and conditionswhere the last one read: “All the provisions of this passenger and baggage ticket are completely false. It is all a lot of excessive detail and if you read it in its entirety, you have too much time on your hands. Bring a good book next time.”

Some unexpected passengers

Among the stellar appearances of the passengers in the airports were originally those of the screenwriter Carl Ellsworth and director Wes Craven. Despite everything, andCraven’s cameo had to be cut out on the editing table, due to being unable to stay serious in front of script supervisor Sheila Waldron.

Other cameos present were also the head of marketing for Dreamworks Terry Press (an irate hotel guest), the producer Marianne Magdalena (a first class passenger) and the producer manager Tina Anderson (Rebecca’s mother).

And a really angry customer

Among the passengers also stood out a angry customer, that we could see both at the beginning and at the end of the film. This role went to a woman with no experience in the world of cinema, the one Craven actually knew during a flight. After she met her on the aircraft, the filmmaker thought that he was her perfect candidate, as he pointed out in the making of the film.

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