5 Celebrities Who Failed at Marvel (Jessica Alba Almost Made It)

The world of Marvel has given incredible roles to actors and unfortunately their career has ended for Hollywood, as well as being forgotten by the public.

Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four

1. Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four

The actress took on the role of Susan Storn, well known as ‘The Invisible Woman’in the Fantastic Four movie, directed by Tim Story. She did a great job and was acclaimed by the fans. On the other hand, the film received great reviews that knocked down her career, so Alba decided to change her direction, now she is a businesswoman and altruist.

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For years now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has launched many actors to fame to play their characters., but several have been forgotten by the public, as well as losing status in the land of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Clear examples are Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and others.

Unfortunately Marvel, it has not been a good charm for Jessica Alba in The Fantastic 4, because despite his long career in movies. When playing a superhero or villain, the actor runs the risk of being forever linked to the character or being forgotten by the constant flow of new adventures and determine the debut of him, as well as his farewell.

This time we took on the task of choosing some renowned actors who may have been forgotten.who played an excellent role in the MCU, but not for long.

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