45 percent of people do not have this bone: are you among them?

Count the bones on the little toe, you may be in for a surprise. Did I miss something?

Your little finger doesn’t get the attention it deserves, except when you hit it somewhere. In fact, we’re willing to bet you don’t even know how many joints you have or if they’re the same as most people’s.

Although it may seem that the little finger is the most meaningless appendage of the human body, it certainly is not. Although our toes are no longer used for holding onto tree branches, all five toes play an important role in balance and movement. The little finger is not in vain smallactually plays just as important a role as the other fingers. Big toe, the joints of the little finger and heel when walking form the necessary triangle. If little finger for some reason it is not there, the balance is broken – and so are we.

Our little finger may not have enough bone, since we already walk on two legs.

Our little finger may not have enough bone, since we already walk on two legs.Staras/Getty Images Hungary

Almost half of the people do not have this bone.

View your toes closer. How many joints do they have? Does your little finger have the same number as the others? In a 2012 study, this question was explored after the research team’s own experiences clashed with what they read in medical textbooks. According to the general idea, the fifth toe consists of three bones, with two metatarsal joints. However, 45 percent of people are missing one of them.

The presence of a two-fingered little toe on the foot was first described by Leonardo da Vinci in 1492, and later others noticed this trend. Since the advent of ultrasound, the absence of the thumb has been found even in 12-week-old fetuses. This type of bipedal pinky is found exclusively in humans, suggesting that it is likely a reaction to upright walking. According to the researchers, the toe variant is less common in Europe, while the largest proportion occurs in the Japanese. occurs.

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