35 PMR coordinators trained to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS

access time Tuesday, August 29, 2023 3:34 pm WIB
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Human Reporter: Anita Karjati
Human Editor: Badi Tristanto

The Jakarta Provincial AIDS Commission (KPA), together with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) DK Jakarta, trained 35 Youth Red Cross (PMR) coordinators from five city districts on HIV prevention and spread on Tuesday (August 29) (AIDS virus) AND Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Breaking the chain of HIV transmission among adolescents

Taufik Alif Fouad, acting head of the Jakarta KPA Promotion and Prevention Office, said the activity is aimed at spreading knowledge about HIV/AIDS among the public, especially among teenagers.

“Through this work, we want more and more people to know about this disease. Because we know that many HIV cases are still being found among adolescents, so this event is important for the friends of the MRT,” Taufik said.

Thousand Islands Government Holds Meeting to Support HIV/AIDS Prevention

Taufik explained that HIV/AIDS is a disease that can be transmitted sexually, by sharing needles, by blood transfusions, even from pregnant women to children.

He hoped that the facilitators who took part in this event could become an example or model of healthy lifestyle skills for their peers.

“Prevention through communication, information and education among adolescents is expected to break the chain of transmission of the HIV virus. So the goal of ending AIDS in 2030 can be achieved,” he hopes.

PMI DKI Jakarta members and volunteers Andy Anger Sutavijaya said that this was the first event held between his party and KPA DKI Jakarta. It is hoped that this positive activity will be sustainable and that the government’s goal can be achieved.

“We hope that the participants will be able to tell their peers what HIV is, how it is transmitted and how to prevent it,” he said.

One of the participants from the PMR West Jakarta, Hesti Febriyanti, admitted that this session was very useful for her and added understanding.

“We study in a fun way and do not get bored. In accordance with this mandate, we will continue socialization in our environment,” he concluded.

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