30° at Rennes or Dinant, 28° at Bath, 25° at Dinard.

We believe. The sun will replace the showers of rain that follow one another in Brittany. The last gust of wind is expected this Saturday, followed by very hot weather from Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Tired of this awful weather? Vacationers will finally see that their patience has been rewarded. Brittany will offer its breathtaking landscapes under the scorching sun from Wednesday 9 August 2023. But before that, you still have to be patient.

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From Monday, August 7, “change of scenery, change of configuration”, confirms Sebastien Decaux, a meteorologist specializing in Brittany.

On Monday, an anticyclone will be located over Finistère, which will move day by day towards Central Europe. “It won’t be very, very hot at first, but the temperature will rise quickly.”comments a meteorologist looking at his various models.

On Tuesday, it will be sunny everywhere in Brittany and temperatures will be seasonal. that ison Tuesday, August 8, the region will be from 24 to 25 degrees Celsius. Heat is expected for the next few days.

The anticyclone will return the temperatures that currently exist in the southeast. “Expect temperatures above normal for the season, 4-5 degrees more” Sebastian Decaux warns.

Specifically, this would be 30° inland, as in Rennes. On the coast of the Gulf of Morbihan, “IIn Vannes and on the beaches of southern Brittany it will be from 28 to 29 °.

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For the coast North Finistère, Côte d’Armor or Dinard and Saint Malo, will be 25°..

“The beaches will sometimes be a little less hot due to a slight breeze, but in Dinant or Saint-Brieuc it will be around 30°.” listed by the specialist.

These highly reliable forecasts are based on two forecasting models: German and European.

“This situation of sunshine and extreme heat will continue until August 15th.” warns Sébastien Decaux of Météo Bretagne. As for the forecasts for the second half of August, we can only hope. “In our region, long-term planning is always risky” slips meteorologist.

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But before improvement, it will be necessary to endure the final depression this Saturday, August 5th. “We should expect strong winds, gusts of 80 or 90 km/h, this Saturday on the English Channel coast.”

What about Friday, August 4th? “Another Particularly Disgusting Day” exhales Sebastien Decaux.

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