30 Airline Passengers That Will Ruin Your Day

For some reason, folks seem to be on their worst behavior on an airplane. What gives! It’s a privilege (and an amazing feat of science and humanity) to fly in the first place; but these people are determined to undermine that reality. What you’re about to see are some of the rudest, most inconsiderate, selfish and downright unpleasant humans that have ever stepped inside an aircraft. Trust us, you’ve got to see what some of these people think is okay behavior.

We’re throwing up a softball for the first one, here. No need to shock you too soon, because trust us, it’s coming. But for now – let’s all sit back and enjoy seeing either the A) pure stupidity in the misuse of this mask OR B) the pure genius of repurposing a face mask and utilizing it as an eye shield. Either way, perhaps it’s just more silly and unwarranted than it is gross and frustrating behavior. He’s certainly not got his feet in someone’s face (just wait) or his hair over someone’s screen (oh yeah) or his dirty underwear lying around (seriously, it happens). After what you’re about to see with the rest of this post – this guy is a dream come true.

Gross! When was the last time that person took a proper shower. Honestly, probably never – the people who do this kind of insane stunt on a public aircraft are the same people who probably don’t frequent the showers too often. The concerned look in the eyes of the woman taking this picture says it all. What a nightmare of a thing to have happen to you on the plane. The crazy thing is – everyone on the aircraft can see those big, dirty feet from wherever they’re sitting inside this American Airlines aircraft!

Oh, boy…hope no one needed to walk anywhere near here. We actually feel bad for this person. This isn’t like putting your gross feet up behind some one’s head – they’re probably looking for something important. They better be. If they’re just taking up the entire airport terminal (and not letting anyone use those chairs, too) just to reorganize; well then, someone needs to reorganize their priorities because that would be heinous. Who is going on this trip anyways, the entire family tree? That’s too much luggage.

Cute or annoying? Gross or actually pretty impressive? Frustrating or funny? None of these answers would be wrong. What you see here falls under a bunch of categories. Whoever brought this little fella onto the plane as an emotional support animal should be either thrown off the aircraft for being insane enough to bring a monkey on board, or he should be applauded for getting this little guy to do his bidding, like turning off the AC! Crazy times we’re living in, huh?

PSA: we don’t know who needs to hear this, but the balls of light that emit from the ceiling of most modern aircraft is actually a lightbulb and not a source of heat or a microwave oven. There’s no need, or benefit, from sticking your slice of cheese pizza up in the air like a baboon, hoping it will stop being room temperature. It’s a slice of cheese pizza from Sbarro buddy, it’s not going to be worth it in the long run anyways. Just shovel it into your mouth as fast as possible and don’t worry about the outcomes, temperature notwithstanding.

Oh. Well, uh, well then. Sir, we think you left your green tea behind? Or perhaps it’s your apple juice, sir? Oh, no it’s not either, huh….okay. Yeah no that’s fine – someone who works here will have to clean up after your inability to stand up and go to the bathroom. That makes sense, it’s definitely their job. This is almost too gross to discuss in a public forum – but we needed to make you aware of the people that may be sitting next to you on your next Air France flight. Big Yikes!

You know what’s wilder than a big, hairy man taking his shirt off on a plane is? Eating an entire log of Toblerone chocolates. Look at his tray container! No wonder he had to take the shirt off, it didn’t fit after the 5.5 pounds of Toblerone! The lady on the left, seems unbothered and like it doesn’t exist – that makes her the wife, most likely. And the guy on the right is clearly tucking his arms in and trying to stay as far away as possible from the gentleman in the middle. What a wild situation we have on our hands here. But illegal? No, unfortunately not.

Let your hair down, sure! I wasn’t watching a movie or anything. Now that I think about it, I do need a barf bag. I wasn’t going to need one and then this happened. But in this situation we have to ask: did the person who took this photograph actually say anything to the large-haired passenger in front? Or did this person simply take a photo and then shame the individual in public behind her back. We’d love to know. What we wouldn’t love is for this to happen to us, ever…but it’s the next one that would make us call the cops.

Call the cops. Cut off his feet, get my into first class, or call the cops. Those are the only three things you can do in a time like this. Because a standard course of action does not exist. The person who would do something so atrocious as put these Hobbit feet up onto your arm rest can not be talked down with logic and common sense. The only way to get this guy to back off is to do one of the three outline courses of action above. And that’s it! What an absolute nightmare. The next one is far less gross, thank goodness (but still absurd).

You have to be a real jerk to sleep next to the door inside of a plane. What if the crew needs access, or there is an emergency? Nah, this guy probably just tossed his backpack in the aisle and claimed territory. We get it, sleeping on a plane is not the best experience, but that is irresponsible to yourself and others. Next time you are on an airplane, please be considerate. When you sleep, also try to avoid putting your feet up on other passengers seats, thank you.

This one is not as extreme as the last pic but still frustrating. Imagine you get to the airport with tons of bags before boarding. After going through security, you just need a few minutes to rest your legs and arms. You look for nearby seats and notice they are all taken. The worst of these are lo and behold a sleeping woman stretched across three seats. You don’t want to wake her because you are trying to be courteous, unlike certain people. Maybe you will just sit on the floor, eh then again standing is fine.

The flight attendant comes over, asking what you want to eat, and to their surprise, they hear, “Polly wants a cracker, squawk!” Who in their right mind comes onboard with a parrot? Have you ever been to a pet shop? These things are quite loud. We bet the parrot is a great way to disrupt other passengers. We admit we like birds, but we much rather watch them from outside the plane. Also, for all you enthusiasts out there, it is a white-eyed parakeet.

Hey, people are trying to watch a movie, not your feet! Well, most people, anyway. We know the rule is you only have to wear shoes during takeoff and landing, but come on. Some big commercial planes can hold up to 200 to 900 passengers. Imagine if everyone took off their shoes and did that? It would stink to high heaven plus movies and shows would be near unwatchable with everyone sticking their legs out. Is that what you want? We don’t. We rarely say this, but put those away.

Some people are drawn to babies like a moth to light. The worst is when it is flight attendants. You are trying to get some service, and they are taking pictures with the kid. We are like, “Hey, where’s our beer!” but our request falls on death ears. Not only are babies on planes distractions, but they can also stink up the entire cabin or cry the whole flight. We recommend bringing both nose and earplugs just in case.

We will be straight up honest here. We have no idea what is happening in this picture. Is that proper airport attire? We’ve never seen it before, so probably not. It’s hard to see, but it looks like she is at security. Maybe she had something to hide, and the team needed to search her. Whether they found something or not, we wager this woman’s day was ruined.

Okay, again, it is hard to tell what’s happening in this picture. Perhaps the man in the foreground dropped something on the floor and is reaching to pick it up. Do you buy that? We speculate some inapplicable activity in those chairs, and passengers are the couple’s forced audience. Maybe try keeping it at home fellas. Planes are already rough rides as is, no need to make a scene of yourselves.

This takes what we already wrote about smelly feet stinking up the aircraft to new levels. We will never get this image out our head next time we choose to fly. Someone thought it would be fun to actually use their feet on the seat’s touch screen to play a game, gross! We hope they sanitize the screens after every stop or we will use gloves for our next inflight movie.

If nothing else, we can write that this person is creative. When using commercial flights, occasionally, you’ll run into delays and cancellations. This man came prepared. He had his inflatable mattress ready on hand—no need to spend money at a stupid hotel. We got to give him points, we have never seen that before, but we do imagine that security may take issue with his sleeping arrangement.

Once again, leave that behavior at home or in private. None wants to see you partake in it. I’d wager from the image, that drinks led to this happening, but that’s just one theory. The other is that the woman is deathly afraid of flights and held onto her friend or fellow passenger to feel protected. Okay, that one might be a bit of stretch, but as you’ve seen thus far, weirder things have happened, and there’s are more to come.

For this one, we definitely would love to know the context of the picture, so we found it. This image was posted on Reddit and made the rounds. According to “Business Insider,” a Saudi prince brought the 80 birds on the plane. Transporting falcons in the Middle East is a regular occurrence. United Arab Emirates (UAE) still practices Falconry as a popular hobby (teaching birds to hunt). The UAE also can grant falcons their own passport for three years to travel to Arab nations, including Pakistan, Syria, Qatar, and more. We wonder how pleasant the flight is for everyone else aboard.

It is not uncommon to see dogs on planes (definitely more frequent than snakes). Most of the time, they are guide dogs or…sigh emotional support animals. Not sure what this dog is used for, but it has seemed to have gotten everyone’s attention around it. Maybe it is just a unique breed, or perhaps it is the way it is sitting. I would not be surprised if it had an accident either. What are your thoughts?

Ugh, why does this picture even exist? Like, of course, it raises tons of questions for us. Some of these include: Who was the photographer, and why were they taking pictures of this man changing? Is this a joke? How did this get online? Were the other passengers watching? We could go on and on, but we just don’t know at the end of the day. Perhaps it is best to leave some mysteries unanswered.

Picture this: You’re sitting in the terminal at Orlando International Airport, about to board your United Airlines flight back to New York City and you see this. A donkey’s rear end right where your leg is supposed to go. How would you handle that? We can’t say we’d be too calm about it to be honest. These support animals are getting crazier by the day…a donkey!? Come on, that’s just crazy talk isn’t it. What kind of person needs an agricultural support animal on the plane?

Well this is ludicrous for two main reasons. A) They couldn’t have put a pair of socks on? But mainly because B) This dude let his girl sleep on the floor of an airplane are you serious!? They need to be brought up to speed of the rest of the world because what you see here is just too unnecessary to even harp on it for much longer. So we won’t. We’ll just carry right along to the next ding-a-ling who doesn’t know how to handle themselves in public.

Well, we hope no one is going to sit there anytime soon. Perhaps this guy is so wealthy he bought an extra seat exclusively for his shoes. Wouldn’t that be something? Also, why do soles need to sit on the armrest? That is just going to make them filthier than they are already. Fingers crossed it doesn’t smell bad. The cleaning department really has their work cut out for them with travelers like these.

Nothing like making other passengers watch you pop your zit. Well, maybe people do actually like it judging how many views those videos get online. What we can say, at least this person is attempting to aim where it goes. We just prefer it not to be on a tray where people eat. Also, everyone should know pimple fire can be unpredictable, so watch out. Our last comment is that we are curious about why the photographer wanted this picture in the first place.

See, this is precisely why airliners provide restrooms. Why does this guy have to brush his teeth right then there? Then again, it is possible the restroom was occupied, or maybe someone made a comment on how his breath stinks. At that point, we’d probably whip out a brush too. Our question is, where is he going to spit out the toothpaste after he finishes? Going through all these slides we would not be surprised if he did that on the floor or someone else.

Nothing says a relaxing flight like having a Chucky doll staring back at you from a couple of seats up. That is actually quite scary. Now, why would anyone have this doll unless they were purposely trying to frighten someone or going to a horror convention? If they were trying to freak out the other passengers, mission accomplished. Still, now that the image is in our head, Chucky on a plane sounds like it would make for another good “Child’s Play” sequel.

Oh man, if you see this, you may want to warn the passenger that their hair is stuck in the seat. The moment they leave or put down the chair, it may be a painful experience. Ouch! Then again, is that even hair or is it something else? After seeing the other slides, who also knows? People riding on commercial planes are simply wild on these flights.

We can’t say we ever slept in this position before, so we can’t comment on its comfortability, but the man seems relaxed. What we will say is we are not envious of any passenger sitting directly behind this guy. His feet would be all up in your face. “Shudders” we can smell it just by thinking about it. Also, who would want to sit on the floor of an aircraft? We just showed how gross everything else could be; we don’t even want to imagine what lines the plane’s bottom.

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