3 reasons why I would stay at this exclusive resort over and over again

  • I visited one of the most exclusive resorts in the Riviera Maya, Ethereal.
  • I was surprised by the gastronomic offer that it has, as well as its sustainable concept.
  • In addition, it has an award-winning spa, which you would enjoy again and again.
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A few weeks ago I visited one of the most exclusive resorts in the Riviera Maya, Ethereal. It is a place surrounded by mangroves and virgin beaches with 75 rooms with private terraces and ocean views.

This hotel, part of the Auberge Resorts Collection, is designed for people with high purchasing power who want to connect with nature in a different way. Among its guests are celebrities such as Jessica Alba.

The hotel is located on the Playa del Carmen highway and access can be difficult if you are on your own. In my case, I used the hotel’s transportation from the airport and I had no problems getting there.

The first thing I noticed upon arrival is that the hotel has a very eco-friendly concept.

ethereal hotel
ximena gonzalez

Vinod Narayan, general manager of Etéreo, said that this is because the hotel is thought of as “a property that would respect the fact that it was in the Riviera Maya, since it has a great cultural richness.”

During my stay at Etéreo, I enjoyed different gastronomic proposals, the spa, water activities and the nature that surrounds it. These are the four things I would go again for.

1. The gastronomic proposal is sustainable, healthy and homemade

In the resort there are three gastronomic proposals. The first is Itzam, the main restaurant, whose menu changes every season; There is Mexican and international food there.

One of the dishes I tried was a colossal octopus with guajillo marinade, pineapple and radish pickle.

ximena gonzalez

I also ate a salmon tlayuda with avocado, which I loved.

ethereal tlayuda
ximena gonzalez

The second concept is Che Che, which has a wide range of seafood and is perfect for enjoying cocktails overlooking the beach.

Finally, there is Changarro, which offers an experience on the beach and you can enjoy dishes, such as tuna toast, in front of the pier.

A particularity of the Etéreo restaurants is that the culinary offer is raised from a sustainable approach. That defines the temporality of the dishes and also the way in which they are prepared.

ethereal dining experience
ximena gonzalez

“There is a focus on healthy cooking due to the freshness of the products and the fact that everything is homemade, nothing processed is used. Our approach is to honor the past, we use traditional, pre-Hispanic culinary techniques, from curing through the ashes, drying in the sun, roasting in the Mayan underground oven”, said Miguel Baltazar, executive chef of Etéreo, in an interview with Business Insider Mexico.

2. It is a spiritual place that invites you to relax

During my stay at Etéreo, I took the opportunity to visit SANA Spa, the winner of the title of Mexico’s Best Wellness Retreat 2022.

healthy spa

What I liked the most was the massage, which includes quartz and chakra alignment. This experience lasted more than 60 minutes and I left reborn.

SANA Spa is a healing space where healing rituals, relaxing and healing therapies based on Mayan techniques are carried out. It is an experience that you can enjoy all day and professionals will guide you step by step in this experience.

3. There are exclusive events and activities included in the price of the room

Etéreo seeks to create exclusive experiences and events for its guests. I was at Flavors & Spirits, an event that every year brings together the best bartenders and chefs with gastronomic collaborations.

That night I tasted a menu created by chef Miguel Baltazar, paired with the cocktails designed for the event. After dinner, I went to the bar, where the bartenders prepare exclusive drinks for the guests.

gastronomy riviera maya
ximena gonzalez

Also, I liked that the stay at the hotel includes activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding and tarot reading.

Snorkeling can be a great experience for those who like to enjoy marine life and cenotes. I was accompanied by one of the experts in this water sport from the hotel so that you are safe at all times.

It should be noted that the hotel is aimed at people with great purchasing power and, on average, a room costs $929 (18,580 pesos) per night, depending on the season.

To fully enjoy the resort, it is necessary to stay a few days

hotel ethereal riviera maya
ximena gonzalez

My stay in Ethereal was intense and I took advantage of the activities as much as I could, but did you lack time to do things?

Something that I would have liked to know in advance is that the activities can last several hours. I believe that to enjoy all the activities on offer, it is necessary to stay for at least three days.

For me, the spa was practically a full day experience…and worth every second.

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