3 options to watch DTT channels from your computer or mobile

Today it is possible to watch the DTT channels of the main free-to-air television companies on computers, mobile phones and tablets, among other devices, without the need for an antenna, thanks to the fact that many of the television companies also offer their live broadcasts over the Internet , allowing its monitoring both from the web, and in many cases also from their respective mobile applications.

There are also platforms that compile an interesting selection of free-to-air television channels to be enjoyed live from any compatible device, where all you have to do is select the desired television channel to get it on screen.

In this sense, we are going to present you three options that allow precisely that, to select DTT channels to enjoy them through the screens of computers, mobile phones and more.

This option is one of the best known that exist, where they not only offer a selection of free-to-air television channels, available in different categories, both nationally and internationally, but also offer the same for radio channels.

It is a 100% free application, without advertising, and open source, completely legal, available both via the web and as an application for Android devices, although users will need to download the APK to install it manually on their mobile devices, as well as well as in the form of an application for iOS devices, where in this case it is possible to install it from the App Store, subsequently following a series of steps.

Indicate that it also has enough compatibility with Android TV and Fire TV, in addition to having support for Chromecasts.

This option is basically a directory that offers a selection of television channels both nationally and internationally, as well as a selection of radio stations, always as direct access, taking users to official or international websites. third parties where live broadcasts are offered.

In addition, it also offers access to a number of TV guides and a number of VPN tools.

We have already spoken on more than one occasion about Tivify, an interesting option where it not only allows access to more than 80 live television channels nationwide in its new free plan, but also offers additional options, such as recording content in the cloud for viewing on demand, being also compatible with Google Assistant, and more.

Here we tell you in detail.

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