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Based on a series of statements and interviews with James Cameron, we recover some reasons that the director himself gives to emphasize why his universe of Pandora is different from that of Marvel superheroes.

Despite the fantastic world of Pandora in which the stories of Avatar Y Avatar: The Path of Water, the filmmaker of James Cameron argues that one of the attractions of its original franchise (which will continue with avatar 3, avatar 4 Y avatar 5) is that the problems facing these fictional characters are real.

In an interview published in The Wrap MagazineDirector of titanic Y Terminator shares: “[En Avatar] They are not extraordinary problems. They have real problems. And I’m not disparaging superhero movies. I love them, they are our modern myths and legends, they are the Greek gods fighting. We love all of those things, but that’s not the movie I wanted to make.”

From the allusion to the historical conflicts of European colonization in America and Africa to current problems such as the deterioration of the environment and the exploitation of natural resources are some of the vicissitudes faced by Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) and the Na’vi community. In contrast to Marvel movies where the superheroes “take on a guy trying to take over the galaxy,” in Cameron’s words.

He is also a screenwriter Battle Angel: The Last Warrior Y Terminator 6: Hidden Fate points out that the only reason audiences are more likely to remember the name of each hero that appeared at the end of Avengers: Infinity War it’s because the MCU has had endless entries. “Marvel had maybe 26 movies to build a universe. So [el número de películas] is an irrelevant argument to point out that Avatar it will have no impact on the industry. We’ll see what happens after this movie.”

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Cameron points out that he loves superhero movies, but indicates that his universe of Avatar (whose fourth installment is considered by its own author as the best of the franchise) he intends for his characters to face more relatable challenges with the human.

It was important to me that we tell some kind of story that was universal. It doesn’t matter what culture, what language group you are in, what religion you are.

Besides. as he suggested to her a couple of weeks ago when he specifically talked about Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, DC and Marvel characters don’t evolve.

Much of the reason why Avatar: The Path of Water it distances itself from Marvel is also due to its masterful use of visual effects. Cameron spared no technology to bring the underwater sequences to life, and instead of filming in front of walls of blue or green screens, he and his team developed underwater motion capture technology, immersing the cast for much of filming in a tank.

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To say that Cameron “makes movies for theaters” is to refer to the fact that the director makes his movies in more formats than any other movie coming out these days. from 3D to large premium formats like Imax, high frame rates and endless combinations designed to make effects-heavy action sequences look smoother.

When the first one was released Avatar in 2009, the films of Batman starts Y the knight of the nightand from Christopher Nolan they had been very successfulwhile Hombre de Hierro it had been released a year earlier, but the Marvel universe (MCU) was not yet the assembly line of constant, commercially compelling superhero movies.

Now, avatar 2launches into a market dominated by superheroes (Black Adam Y Black Panther: Wakanda Forever are proof of that) and while the film’s box office is off to a great start we don’t know if it will have the stamina to reach the top.

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