25 great games for less than 5 euros in the Steam winter sales

The gigantic game hunting ground that is Steam is always offering games on sale. Among so much material it is difficult to choose what to buy. With the winter sales in full swing, we wanted to leave you a small selection with 25 games for less than 5 euros that we think you will love.

Black Table


No fan of the genre shooterIf you’re an action adventurer, or simply want to experience one of gaming’s defining moments for yourself, you should definitely skip Black Mesa. This remake Half-Life fan has some excellent reviews and, barring six purists who prefer nothing but the original, it’s the best way to experience Gordon Freeman’s adventure.

Cold Fear


we leave with a game that probably many do not knowbut it is a good example of a somewhat different bet in the genre of survival horror. Cold Fear is not exactly a recent product, but already at the time some of the mechanics such as take into account the sway of the boat they were interesting. His biggest problem was release the same year as Resident Evil 4the truth.

DOOM (2016)


if we talk about sagas with a round return after several years in the fridge, that of DOOM (2016) is undoubtedly one of the most brutal in memory. You can’t miss a game wild, frenzy and fun because of the basics of its premise and the complexity of the mix. Lots of fun and demons to exterminate. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Alice: Madness Returns


It is possible that by recommending Alice: Madness Returns we will not be successful with some players, but it’s quite different to the usual in games action and platforms. The story is much more adult, sinister and twisted than is usual in this kind of games and in the absence of the supposed series or the game that closes the McGee trilogy, it never hurts to catch up again with the terrible history of Alice.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

MachineGames brought us in 2017 the continuation of the reboot from wolfenstein to give us a very complete shooter in which we once again take the control of BJ Blazkowicz to annihilate hundreds of Nazis in a wild, fun title, with a mature campaign with clever plot twists and a lot of playable extras, with all the ingredients to make shooting game lovers enjoy.

Sleeping Dogs – Definitive Edition


If you like them open world games but you are fed up with the usual delinquent game or medieval fantasy worlds, Sleeping Dogs allows you to play with an undercover agentin a story of action and martial arts. It’s unbelievable, with how easy it would have been to go wrong, how the gameplay is greatwith several styles of martial arts at your fingertips, a good plot and enough secondary content to entertain you for quite some time.



No study launches a roguelike of success and prepares its sequel from one day to the next. Supergiant Games has already released quite a few games and, in our opinion, Transistor is the second best game from the studio (admittedly, Hades is just perfect) and cannot be overlooked. Red’s story is one of those that permeates, the artwork is well above average and the soundtrack is, in one word, perfect. No one should be left without playing this game.

FTL: Faster Than Light


  • FTL: Faster Than Light at 2.49 on Steam.

We have a proposal that it goes out of the ordinary and that it is only suitable for masochists, supporters of challenges and fans of challenges. FTL is one of the most difficult games you will ever face. A bad management, a bad decision and your ship will go to waste, forcing you to start over. No checkpoints, only older people play in this league.

xcom 2


We continue with challenges, but this time we are going to something very different. Firaxis did a great job with XCOM 2, offering a game of strategic action. development and customization of your soldierscoupled with time management in the world around you to avoid an alien invasion and the possibility of play with permadeath challenge added make it a most interesting title. Of course, do not trust the percentages when using the abilities, because they fail like a fair shotgun.



Considered one of the greats on the indie scene, GRIS is a 2D platforming adventure. Praised especially for how it deals with such a delicate topic as mental health, playing GRAY is an interesting enough experience to pass up, each and every time you see it on sale.

Pony Island


Here we meet one of the craziest experiences, strange and complicated to present that you can never find. We can’t tell you why you should play Pony Island, or what it’s all about. We can only say that this game is not what it seems and it is all you should know, so as not to spoil the surprise. Not surprisingly, it’s from the same madman as Incryption, another game that isn’t what it seems at all.

ARK: Survival Evolved


A game does not hold between the usual ones between YouTubers and content creators without reason. One of the greatest exponents of the survival games is on sale again. ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most complicated games of its kind, and with online game possibilities that are as overwhelming as they are terrifying, and we’re not just talking about face dinosaurs. Depending on how you play, your character may even end up in a cage, enslaved by another player to draw your blood without you being able to do much about it.

Vampire Survivors


You didn’t think we were going to forget about Vampire Survivors, did you? For most of those who have played it, we are before him roguelite of the O. It is one of those titles in which each game will allow you to go further, until you can lay waste to hordes of enemies in runs longer and longer. Although it is a complicated genre to explain and each title has its own gimmick to give it personality, once the game clicks in your head, you will see how often you wonder where the last two hours of your life are.

Loop Hero


From roguelite in roguelite and I shoot because it touches me. Loop Hero is one of the best indies which you can play and the possibilities that exist in each game are… immense. You can turn the stage into a swamp, use several different character classes that will completely change the planningmanage a world before it disappears, and there are even multiple routes and endings to discover if you have the time and skill.

resident Evil


For less than the cost of a kebab with a drink, you can get whatever it is the best remake what has become of a video game. It is very difficult to think about the existence of the last remakes of this series of zombies if it had not been for the magnificent job of reinventing mechanics, settings and plots that took place at the Spencer mansion. To this day, it stands as one of the best in the series.



Sometimes all you want is wipe out an entire map. Admit it, have you ever done a manual save in skyrim and then you’ve wiped out all the intelligent life in the world. in prototype you’re basically the bad guythe person responsible for a virus that, little by little, is consuming the whole city. As you progress you will see how your powers end up being those of an annihilating monster. Whether or not you’re the good guy is a… matter of point of view.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut


If you are fans of gender cyberpunk and you haven’t played Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut yet… then you’re missing out one of the best futuristic titles that have been done Generally considered superior to both the original title and the sequel Mankind Divided, the interactions with NPCs, the options when it comes to progressing, developing your character and interacting with the environment are an experience that cannot be passed up.

payday 2


we leave with a shooter cooperative Quite out of the ordinary and of above average quality. Payday 2 challenges you to carry out all kinds of heists, from holding up a meth lab to a heist in the fucking White House. The interesting thing about this game is that the strategic factor is essential, since if you do not have the right tools and use them properly, it will be impossible to get out alive in one hit. With enough planning, you can lead a team with surgical precision and get the most out of a good day’s work.

The Surge


For a while, all games aspired to be the new Dark Souls. There were many contenders, and one of the few survivors was The Surge. This futuristic adventure I got my own personality thanks to a dismemberment system with which new pieces of equipment are obtained. Its difficulty, without being impossible but with a sufficient level of challengemake its gameplay a very tasty dish for the fan of the soulsborne.

Left 4 Dead 2


For less than a euro you can get Left 4 Dead 2, a game that needs no introduction. One of the best known and most popular cooperative shooters in which you will face hordes of zombies all types. Obviously, here you need people to play withBut I’m sure you’ll find it. As incredible as it may seem, almost 14 years later, there are still around 12,000 active players.

papers please


Papers, please is a game that allows you the dubious honor to be part of the complex machinery of the border system in one step Even if it doesn’t have real world consequences, seeing the impact of someone crossing or not crossing the border is quite unusual and may change your approach to certain issues.

The Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition


It is evident that today skyrim is logical and generally considered superior, but The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is still the game to go with. many people discovered the TES saga. The content it offers continues to be the most unique, and the Shivering Isles expansion It’s crazy, and not just because Sheogorath plays such a big part in it.

The Forest


The Forest is another one of those survival games in which almost anything can kill you: hunger, thirst, the cannibalistic mutants that populate the thicket… who knows. But you’ll certainly have a good time trying to save your skin.

Paikiller Hell & Damnation


Painkiller Hell & Damnation at 1.99 on Steam

Here we leave you with one quite personal gamble, a classic shooter. Painkiller Hell & Damnation is an adventure starring a demon hunter with a huge arsenal among which is the acquaintance stakethrowerwith the power to nail demons and vampires to walls… although to eliminate building-sized monsters You’ll need a little more firepower, of course.

Fallout: New Vegas


We end up with a safe bet, guarantee of quality and satisfaction. New Vegas, the delivery by Obsidian, is considered one of the best in the series. The already legendary story of the messenger, the casino chip and a bunch of crucified corpses continues to hold up as an adventure that you should try, and even more so at such a low price.

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