21 Things I Learned About Celebrities Completely Against My Will In 2022

1. First, when Kim Kardashian said she had sex with Pete Davidson in front of a fireplace “in honor” of her grandmother.

2. When the alleged length of Pete Davidson’s penis was revealed by Jay Pharoah.

3. When Megan Fox admitted to drinking Machine Gun Kelly’s blood “for ritual purposes.”

4. When Kate Moss recalled how Johnny Depp once gave her jewelry “up the crack of her ass.”

5. When B. Simone said she doesn’t shower every day.

6. When Kim Kardashian said she’d consider eating poop if it would make her look younger.

7. Literally everything about the Smith family.

8. When Charlie Puth admitted to being horny “all the time.”

9. And when he said the first song he ever “masturbated” to was Maroon 5’s “This Love.”

10. When Kourtney Kardashian claimed that a doctor recommended she drink Travis Barker’s semen several times a week so they would have a better chance of conceiving a baby.

11. When Mila Kunis said that she and Ashton Kutcher use the bathroom with the door open.

12. When Jana Kramer said Chris Evans ghosted her because her pee smelled like asparagus.

13. When James Corden revealed that he only washes his hair every two months.

14. When Lea Michele claimed that she once showed Jonathan Groff her vagina, using the light from a desk lamp, just because, as a gay man, he had never seen one.

15. When Tyler Perry claimed he talks in his Madea voice while having sex.

16. When Kristen Bell said her family smells so bad they didn’t realize something was rotting in their house.

17. When Kumail Nanjiani revealed that he went 15 years without going to the dentist.

18. When Kourtney Kardashian said she occasionally “smells” one of her son Reign’s old braids, from a haircut he got two years ago.

19. When Dax Shepard shared how at least “four [o] five days a week,” Kristen Bell doesn’t flush her tissue down the toilet after using the bathroom, leaving it on the seat.

20. When Ne-Yo talked about asking Ice-T for permission to grope Coco Austin’s ass.

21. And finally, when Jennifer Coolidge talked about all the “sexual interest” she had after playing Stifler’s mom in American Pie.

Have I forgotten something? Tell me in the comments!

This post was translated from English.

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