200 Years of U.S. Disappointment: Time Capsule Opened – Last Minute World News

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    The opening ceremony of a 200-year-old time capsule was held at the West Point Military Academy in the United States. Historians were also invited to the event so that they could conduct the necessary analysis.

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    In the hall where media representatives gathered, the time capsule was opened by officials wearing masks, gloves and goggles.

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    But all these worries were in vain. There was nothing inside the lead box but dust and dirt.

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    Paul Hudson, a military academy archaeologist, called the situation a disappointment and said: “The capsule did not live up to our expectations. The bottom is curved. We think moisture and water get in here. I don’t want to think that they will go to all this trouble and bury an empty capsule. We will sift through the silt that has accumulated in it and try to find the remains,” he said.

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    On the other hand, archaeologists suggest that the capsule may contain organic materials, such as paper or wood, which disappear over time. Research will be done to determine this.

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    The time capsule was found last May during restoration work on the floor of a memorial to Thaddeus Kosciuszko, who served in the American Revolutionary War and was chief engineer at the West Point Military Academy.

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    It is claimed that the capsule may have been placed here in 1829, when the monument was first built.

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    Representatives of the West Point Military Academy, although disappointed by the time capsule, did not give up. He took steps to ensure that future generations would not experience the same disappointment. The new time capsule is planned to be placed on the ground after the completion of restoration work on the monument next year.

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