20 years after the debut of Xbox: these are the five main revolutions of the Microsoft console

Microsoft’s first approach to the world of video games was an incipient collaboration with Sega, a company that it helped to develop its Dreamcast console, which, however, was shipwrecked in the face of the growing popularity of Sony’s and Nintendo’s PlayStation.

It was then that the signature He decided it was time to launch his first console. On January 6, 2001, at a movie premiere in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced the debut of Xbox. Twenty years after that milestone, the company celebrated on Monday the 20th anniversary of its sale, in an event in which it announced some news, such as making the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta available to all users and the expansion of its catalog with more than 70 retrocompetitive games.

Although Microsoft never managed to break the hegemony of its Japanese competitors, its entry into the lucrative video game industry allowed him to launch various innovations. These are the top five:

Today most consoles have a hard drive, and what now seems obvious, for 2001 it was not. Xbox was the first console in the world to have a solid disk, capable of storing games.

Even before the Microsoft device, players had to turn to external storage systems, where they saved their games. One of the most popular was the PlayStation Memory Cards. But after the Xbox, the entire industry, including Sony, had to migrate to consoles with built-in hard drives.

The first Xbox. Photo: Reuters

His first disk had 8GB of memory, which was originally for saving games, but it also gave the option of storing music, which also opened the doors for a much more transversal use of these devices.

Although at the end of the 90s, almost all the consoles available in the market already flirted with the incipient Internet, none achieved the degree of closeness that Xbox did.

The console somehow inaugurated the relationship between the device and its connection to the network, and it became an industry standard. Thus, he was able to bring together virtually many players from different parts of the world, thanks to his service Xbox Live, which became a benchmark in this type of service.

Visitors play on an Xbox console at the 2001 Tokyo Game Show. Photo: Reuters

It is the most popular video game saga on the console and its success is closely related to its ability for players to connect online, opening the spectrum of its usefulness. In fact, during the event this Monday, Microsoft announced that the developer of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, will relaunch the first season of the game, in addition to announcing a free multiplayer beta, which is now available to all Xbox Series X players. | S, Xbox One and PC.

In conjunction with the announcement of the beta release of Halo Infinite, the company has unveiled a catalog of more than 70 Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games that have been added to the backward compatibility library on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Photo: Reuters

Originally created as a video game platform, Microsoft He soon discovered that his console could have multiple uses, thanks to its hard drive and its Internet connection. Thus, the device became a true multimedia center, capable of storing music, playing DVDs and later, with the appearance of the Xbox 360, the ability to surf the Internet and use applications such as Netflix.

Photo: Reuters

The arrival of Phil Spencer to Xbox, gave a new look to the console, which included the launch of Game Pass, a platform that brought together a catalog of more than 100 games in exchange for a monthly fee, one of the first trials in this industry to create a video game subscription service similar to Netflix.

Phil Spencer.

Microsoft understood that the line with PC players should be cut and uniting the service has guaranteed the arrival of new players and give value to their consoles, which are undoubtedly the ones that technically have the most strengths in the market.

Game Pass is the strongest card that Xbox currently has, a very complete service that has even led game developers such as EA or Ubisoft to decide to create one just like it.

This strategy worked against him during the Xbox One era, in which the console was sold with the idea of ​​being more of a multimedia device, ignoring all its technical capacity for video games. But without a doubt, that concept of having more services became an obligation, to the point that today all the others have it.

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