20 Celebrities Who Were Saved From Disappointing Failure By Not Being Cast In These Movies

All the actors have experienced rejection, and I’m sure it’s hard for them to know that they’ve missed out on some important role that could have boosted their career.

But sometimes, that movie they wanted so badly to be in completely flops, and they’re left safe, far from the fallout. Here are 21 actors who lost a role and now probably look back and say, “Whew, I saved myself from a good one.”


Ryan Reynolds starred in Green Lantern in the memorable role of the green-suited superhero. Unfortunately, the film wasn’t exactly a hit: It scored just 26% on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed just over the $200 million budget.

But it wasn’t always Ryan Reynolds who would star in the fiasco: Bradley Cooper also auditioned for the starring role and even made it to screen tests. He joked that his face was too asymmetrical for the mask and also that he doomed his luck at the audition with a poor impression of Christian Bale as Batman.


They also took Justin Timberlake into account and did camera tests, although he would do in time in 2011, which didn’t fare much better critically or at the US box office, although the film cost much less to make and did fairly well worldwide.


We can’t talk about famous superhero fiascos without mentioning Batman & Robin. The film received universal loathing, and the director, Joel Schumacher, even apologized for it. Its leading man, George Clooney, called the movie awful and blamed mostly himself for how bad it is.

But George Clooney wouldn’t even be in this situation if they had given the role to David Duchovny, who alluded to auditioning for the role and not being cast.


The film’s predecessor Batman Forever, was also quite hated. Val Kilmer took the fall for that one (although it was a lot less heavy than what Clooney would have had to carry)…


cats it was a colossal flop in almost every way, albeit crammed with stars like Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellan, and Jason Derulo. But a famous singer, known for his love of musicals, was not there.

It turns out that Hugh Jackman was offered to choose a role in the adaptation of the hit musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and turned down the proposal. “Tom called me early on because we had done Les Mis together, and there were a couple of options based on my availability and time. Actually… sure, I wasn’t available at the time,” Jackman explained after the film aired. Jackman was later asked if he was happy he couldn’t make the film, to which he replied, “No. I want to be in the business of criticizing people.” He said he hadn’t seen her, but I think it’s safe to say she’s not there. sad for having declined the role.


Anne Hathaway, co-star of Les Mis along with Jackman, had also been taken into account…


…Like Rihanna. Both had scheduling conflicts that prevented them from starring in the film. Phew.


In another case linked to cats… make an acted version of The Cat in the Hat It seemed like an odd choice, and it wasn’t much of a surprise when the movie received poor reviews. The film featured a stellar performance by Mike Myers, who had just reached his peak of fame with Shrek (Y Austin Powers), but it failed to live up to his previous projects.

However, it may not have been so. Tim Allen could have played that role; he left it in 2001 to focus on The Santa Clause II. “I couldn’t do two icons,” Allen explained at the time, and I’m sure he’s happy with his decision today.


While financially successful, the most recent trilogy of Star Wars it was… controversial, to say the least, and the last movie was particularly divisive. One of the characters that caused the most polarization was Kylo Ren (the trilogy’s version of Darth Vader), represented by Adam Driver.

But the movies might have been different if Eddie Redmayne had starred instead. Redmayne auditioned for acting in the early stages of the project and was given a scene from another movie to read (since the project was too top-secret to be showing off dialogue to potential leads). “They give you a scene from pride and prejudice, but then they tell you that you are doing a test to play the bad guy. If you’re I, then you put a ridiculous voice. … [La directora de reparto] I was sitting there, and I was trying over and over again different versions of my kind of ‘cjuuuh pjaaaah’ voice. [sonido de la respiración de Darth Vader]. And after about 10 takes, she said, ‘Do you have anything else?’ I told him: ‘No’.”


Eragon It has to be one of the worst book-to-film adaptations of all time, and I’m surprised it got a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. Lead man Ed Speleers has done a fine job since then, but the film wasn’t exactly a breakthrough.

In fact, Alex Pettyfer, someone largely unknown (except as a model) at the time, was first approached for the role. Instead he decided to do stormbreaker because I was afraid of flying and I would have to roll Eragon abroad. stormbreaker It wasn’t a success either, but at least it did a little better than Eragon with the critics.


The movie The Fantastic Four 2005’s was a critical flop, scoring just a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, though it did well at the box office. Jessica Alba played the only woman on the team, Sue Storm, and memorably nearly quit acting after having such an ugly experience in the sequel.

Ali Larter, another actress, could have been given the part instead of Alba. Larter referred to the possibility of Alba being cast as “something totally different” and went on to say, “If you’re going to go with Jessica Alba for a role, you’re not going to go with someone like me. They’re totally different things.” It’s a good thing they were looking for a different type of actress, because the experience might have been just as negative for Larter.


Fox tried to remake the series in 2015, but this one didn’t fare much better, scoring just 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. This time, Kate Mara played Sue Storm.

Emmy Rossum had also auditioned for the role and was “heartbroken” not to get it. “I didn’t get hooked on that character at all. I didn’t understand the dialogue, I couldn’t sell it, I felt like I didn’t know what to do with my lines.”


wild wild west It was a huge misstep for Will Smith and everyone involved, including Kevin Kline, but Kline’s role almost went to George Clooney, who left the movie before filming began.

“Going into this, we knew it would take some effort, but the opportunity to work with Will (Smith) and Barry (Sonnenfeld) was too exciting to pass up,” Clooney said. “Eventually, we all agreed that rather than hurt the project by trying to update the role for me, it was better to step aside and let them pick someone else.” Once again… this was for the best, at least for Clooney.


Clooney also turned down starring in another fiasco, Movie 43, apparently telling the directors that “not even fart”. While there was no accident with the role of Clooney here, I’m sure he was even happier with his decision after the reviews came in for the movie. The film has 4% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Though G.I. Joe: The Origin of Cobra It wasn’t a box office flop, it wasn’t a widely celebrated movie, and it only got 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. It featured a stellar performance by Channing Tatum, but almost had a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth starring instead.

This turned out rather fabulously for Hemsworth, who was disappointed to receive invitations to “seven or eight more auditions” (for G.I. Joe Y X Men) and not getting the role. “But then it came Thor“Hemsworth said. “If I had been given any of those earlier roles, I wouldn’t have been given Thor“.


Apparently, Jim Carrey was the “first choice” to represent Pistachio Disguisey in The master of disguise before rejecting the offer.

It ended up being a wise decision: the movie flopped, and this is known as one of Dana Carvey’s worst roles.


It was also the original intention that Carrey would star in the film acted Scooby Doo representing Shaggy. The film scored 32% on Rotten Tomatoes. I’d say this was another sensible move, not just because the film was trashed by critics (although it did well at the box office and even had a sequel), but because Matthew Lillard was the film’s silver lining and received critical acclaim for his paper. I can’t imagine anyone else who could have done better than Lilliard or that he, too, would have come out unscathed.


One of Disney’s biggest recent flops is John Carter, which featured a stellar performance by Taylor Kitsch as the novel’s hero. The film failed to recoup a whopping $306.6 million budget, and the fiasco is argued to have fundamentally changed the way Disney does business.

As it turns out, Tom Cruise reportedly wanted the role sooooooo much, even though, as you know, he was almost 50 when they were casting the film. He had initially had talks to star in it in the early ’90s. It was probably for the best that they were so intent on Taylor Kitsch.


And finally, it is possible that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen It may have been a box office success, but critics tore it to pieces, and it received 20% on Rotten Tomatoes. The continuation had Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox as leads, as in the first film.

According to Robert Pattinson, he also auditioned for a role. This was shortly after the release of the first movie of Twilight, and he embarrassed himself by pretending to be American, like he used to do at auditions… when everyone knew the budding superstar was British. It’s clear that this misstep worked to his advantage: Pattinson remains a major star and enjoys critical acclaim.

How would you feel about not receiving these roles? Tell us in the comments below!

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