16 movies (probably unforgettable) that will make us go to the cinema in 2023

They have made us wait a long time to see Östlund’s new film since it won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. In our imagination, her plot marries wonderfully with the second season of The White Lotus only that all condensed in a yacht. A class game on the high seas that serves as an x-ray of a society shaken by power struggles and the cult of celebrity. Eager to let ourselves be agitated by this satire and fierce reflection of the wildest capitalism.

‘Saint Omer’ (Alice Diop) 3/3/2023

Without neglecting our loss of first works, we rescue another of the most celebrated at festivals this season. A mother accused of killing her baby is the protagonist of a trial that will catch a young novelist. In her performance, this vibrant debut of hers will challenge her own judgment when it comes to addressing the mysteries and taboos surrounding motherhood and the feminine.

‘A beautiful morning’ (Mia Hansen-Løve) 03/24/2023

The French director’s cinema is in top form and, after offering us this year the gift for female cinephiles that was Bergman’s Island, will make us return to the darkness of the room with another film in which she recovers autobiographical material to compose emotional stories that speak of us. On this occasion, that of a single mother who lives with her daughter while taking care of her sick father and embarks on a new love affair. Very curious to see the work of Lea Seydoux in the hands of one of our leading filmmakers.

‘We are all Jane’ (Phyllis Nagy) 04/14/2023

An unexpected turn of events once again endangered the reproductive rights of women in the US with the fall this year of the Roe v. Wade ruling. By extension, films that document historical feats such as those of the Janes, a community of women organized to clandestinely guarantee access to abortion, have come to gain relevance. To the documentary released in streaming a few months ago, The Janeswill be added, in a fictional key, this story about a housewife who hits the road in search of a solution to end an unwanted pregnancy.

‘The Little Mermaid’ (Rob Marshall) 05/26/2023

Our pulse races when we think about the reactions of all the black girls who will freak out (for good) with their adaptation in live action of the most famous mermaid from the children’s classic. Beyond how novel it is for Disney to cast an African-American actress (in this case, halle bailey) to play a character who was originally Caucasian with red hair, we have questions about how the text of the animated film will be updated with the times. Will Ariel trade her entire life for a prince, or will he give up his freedom and mermaid tail to abide by the harsh rules of the palace?

‘Barbie’ (Greta Gerwig) 07/21/2023

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