15 Xbox 360 games update unexpectedly

In recent weeks it has been rumored that a new batch of backward compatible games from Xbox 360 would reach Xbox Series, and as a Spanish saying goes; “If the river makes a noise its because water is running”.

This morning Xbox has sent a series of updates to several 360 titles, apparently it is a “maintenance update”, since at first glance they have not included any improvement in their FPS, resolution, etc. According to speculation in recent days and in response to the aforementioned update, Microsoft may be preparing the launch of all these games towards the new generation with some extra features; And what better day than their 20th anniversary.

These Xbox 360 games are suddenly updated

The news has reached us through Twitter, where dozens of users reported the update including some images. As far as we know so far, the list includes a total of 15 titles. We can’t really be sure that a new wave of backward compatible games will arrive next Tuesday, but it would be a nice surprise if they receive improvements like FPS Boost.

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