15 Sultry and Instagrammable Swimsuit Poses to Try, As Seen on Kylie Jenner

If you want to catch someone’s attention on Instagram with a hubadera beach pic, you better be sure to you flaunt your swimsuit in the best way possible. But we have to admit, it can be a struggle to find the perfect angle or model-like pose that really shows off your body and ʙικιɴι without looking contrived or “cheesy.” A Pinterest search might suggest some IG-worthy pegs, but may we lead you straight to the source: the master of sultry poses herself, Kylie Jenner.

The 23-year-old reality star turned business woman and accidental pop culture icon, is undeniably a powerhouse on Instagram. Her influence on the platform surpᴀsses that of her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, and rivals the likes Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, who have over 250 million followers on the app. Let that sink in.

But other than being a social media fashion and beauty influencer, her overall aesthetic on the ‘gram is also coveted by many—specifically her poses. From her bum-bastic mirror selfies to trendy kneeling OOTDs, Kylie has always been a sought-after peg for an IG-worthy stance. When it comes to looking flawless in a swimsuit, she has definitely sparked a movement for low-key but high impact angles and poses that are nothing short of Sєxy. Here, we round-up some of the most flattering snaps from the youngest Kardashian that you can definitely cop for your next trip swimsuit ‘fit.

15 Sєxy Swimsuit Poses to Try, As Seen on Kylie Jenner

1. The ʙuтт out mirror selfie.

This pose is a must if you’ve got a chic bathroom to show off. To “fake” those curves, be sure to suck your stomach in and jut your ʙuтт out to create a more hourglᴀss silhouette.


2. Low angle lay down.

Got some body jewelry to flaunt? Then opt for this pose before taking a dip and be sure to keep your angle low to make your legs look longer despite it being cropped out.


3. The side arm rest.

If you’re blessed with full hips like Kylie, this pose will definitely show them off beautifully! Even better if you’ve got long messy tresses to match to fill in the frame.


4. The arm stretch.

Here’s a “lazy” pose that’ll flaunt your abs without you even trying!


5. Look at the sun.

You don’t need to show your face in every pH๏τo. Look like you’re soaking up the sun in this seemingly candid pose.


6. Do some model angles.

Creating shapes with your arms makes for model-like editorial poses. Though this seems less relaxed, you can opt for this pose if you’ve got a statement outfit (complete with sunglᴀsses!) to flaunt.


7. The “Look-Away.”

If you’re not a fan of looking at the camera, then always try to look away. The key to pulling this off is to make sure your neck looks relaxed and that your body is still angles towards the camera so your swimsuit becomes the focus of the pH๏τo.


8. The low angle lean back.

When your camera is at a low angle and your legs are outstretched, there’s a tendency for your body to look longer in the pH๏τo. Help elongate it further by leaning back, but make sure to push your chest out to maximize your curves.


9. Just kneel.

This is the post to try if you want your ʙικιɴι top or décolletage to be the star of your pH๏τo. With your back arched and arms on the side, your body looks compact and lean in this simple ʙικιɴι OOTD.


10. Step up!

Make use of the stairs, especially if it’s against an Instagram-worthy background. Take notes from Kylie and create some geometric lines with your arms and legs to look slim and long. FYI, having one foot outstretched always makes you look taller in pH๏τos!


11. The cross leg lean.

Make use of the white wall in the resort and lean back—but not relax. Remember to suck your stomach in and pop your ʙuтт out to create those curves. You can even make your waist look a little smaller by crossing one leg over another!


12. Talk to the hand.

Look coy in pH๏τos by acting as if you don’t want your pH๏τo taken! Be sure to take this sH๏τ at a low angle and with you leaning so it shows off your swimsuit and body in a sultry but flattering way.


13. Walk off!

A dynamic pose on the beach always looks good on the ‘gram! Be sure to take long strides to look taller, but be sure to have your face to the camera.


14. Low angle and all legs.

Peтιтe girls, take note, because this pose is a must if you want to look two to three times taller than you actually are. This snap is pretty easy to achieve and just requires you to point your toes, curl one leg up and lean back. The key is to setup your camera at a dangerously low angle.


15. Bummed out.

Here’s a way to show off your bum without being too obnoxious about it! Take your OOTD at a distance and sit by the pool or shore with your back turned towards the camera. Don’t forget to wear a cheeky ʙικιɴι bottom for maximum impact.


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