1,469 million to promote public and private health

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, intervenes in the presentation of the Strategic Projects for Recovery and Economic Transformation (Perte) in Vanguard Medicine,

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has announced an investment of 1,469 million euros, between 2021 and 2023, of which 982 will be invested from the public sector, and 487 million euros from the private sector, to transform the National Health System (NHS). A project that is part of the Strategic Project for Recovery and Economic Transformation (Perte) ‘Por la Sanidad de Vanguardia’ and which he presented at the headquarters of the Carlos III Health Institute.

Sánchez, who has also celebrated that the Spanish Medicines Agency (Aemps) has approved the phase II clinical trial of the Spanish vaccine of the Spanish company Hipra against Covid-19, has remarked that the Perte represent the government’s public commitment to make health a lever for “prosperity” and has clarified that investment is focused on advancing health personalized medicine, the biotechnology research and digitization.

“The investment will serve to generate cutting-edge research in the health sector. Fortunately, we have the resources,” said the socialist leader, stressing that the digital revolution linked to biomedicine are “enormous levers of progress.”

In addition, Pedro Sánchez has assured that one of the lessons that Spain has learned from the covid pandemic is the need for public-private conversation. “There are lessons we have to learn. Public-private collaboration has to continue to bear very good results ”, Sánchez continued, who highlighted the health sector in our country as a great“ booster ”of the economy and of job creation.

In this sense, the President of the Government recalled that, in 2018, economic activities related to the health sector generated a gross added value of around 94.6 billion, which is equivalent to 9 percent of GDP. “Every euro invested in health research generates 1.6 euros in added value”, Has celebrated.

Development of advanced therapies

In the words of the president, both diagnosis and treatment are a “priority”, but he has emphasized that “you have to go further to be at the forefront”. According to Sánchez, this means that our health system can reach all people, in a specific way. To do this, it advocates promoting the development of advanced therapies from the academic field and facilitate its transfer to clinical practice, through the “necessary alliances” with the business sector and the strengthening of the industrial fabric.

“In the coming years they will develop gene and cell therapies that will be able to alleviate a significant number of problems “, he said, adding that these future changes will force to change the structures of hospitals and, ultimately, of Medicine.” Science is the greatest source of progress and offers hope to diseases that were considered incurable“, has finalized the agent chief executive.

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