13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

2022 is running out on us, disappearing as soon as it arrived and leaving us with endless releases in this medium of ours. But not every game can grab our attention, especially when the best game of the year has been able to grab our attention for months. That does not mean that other games have not come out and although in this magazine we have covered a good number of them there is always something that escapes us.

Today we are going to make an effort to highlight those little lost jewels that, for one reason or another, have not had the time in the public attention that they should. We have tried to make a generous compilation, where you can find games for all tastes, of all possible genres. Some are games that try new things and do it well, others are masterful examples in familiar genres, and all have something to offer the inquisitive gamer. Go for it.

Against the Storm

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

The gender of the city ​​planning It is undoubtedly in one of its best historical moments and Against the Storm is the title this year that seems most worthy of mention. In these games it is traditional that the challenge in each game is loaded during the first hours. We create our city, we analyze the necessary resources, we optimize the pattern to produce them properly. From then on it remains to optimize. Against the Storm He wonders what would happen if a game focused on these first moments, forgetting about the rest. with a structure roguelike Extremely innovative, packed with content, and stunning in its presentation (think modern Warcraft III) it’s hard not to recommend it for purchase.

Bots are Stupid

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

Would you like to be good at almost impossible platform games but your brittle joints Are they only used for typing? Bots are Stupid It offers you to move your character through countless obstacles with the help of just a keyboard. Program your character’s moves and watch as you plunge him to a devastating death. Adjust your parameters, make him jump a little earlier, throw his grappling hook a little later, and watch him gracefully navigate a screen full of obstacles to reach his destination. Now check how other users have managed to optimize the route to a devilish point and try again. with the possibility of create and share levels between users, here is an excellent introduction to programming.


13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

We do not know very well what to say about this title as it would cost us to describe a hallucinogenic experience. As a game it proposes us to destroy hordes of enemies with a varied arsenal and surprising mechanical possibilities. But as an audiovisual experience, it proposes us to immerse ourselves in the mind of a completely dysfunctional person, separated from the universe that surrounds us and set to spin in a cosmic washing machine. Daring, completely crazy and certainly not for everyone, Splatter continues the line started by cruelty squad of games that enter through the eyes by scratching them.

Ctrl Alt Ego

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

The return of theimmersive simulator” is slow but unstoppable. The great addition this year has undoubtedly been Ctrl Alt Ego. This quirky title contains a tremendous amount of content for a relatively small team to have developed. But the most surprising thing is the absolute freedom that we are given when completing the levels where our weapon is the ability to possess our opponents, our greatest asset being immortality. Let your creativity out and create chaos.


13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

If you like Stardew Valley but you missed being able to create powerful dynasties as if crusader kings it was treated, kynseed is for you. Although it is somewhat simple as a gardening simulator, this game includes a huge number of alternative activities, including the aforementioned possibility of creating a long dynasty over time, playing as the heirs of the original farmer Created by former Lionhead members , developers of the saga fableits atmosphere and especially its original soundtrack are instantly reminiscent of those RPGs that exuded so much charm.


13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

You guard the road in an inhospitable place. This proposal takes the best of the text adventures of the past and gives it a modern touch to bring us one of the best narratives in a year that has been very good. With a lot of replayability thanks to the numerous options that the narrative presents us with and an excellent soundtrack, Roadwarden is a title that those who appreciate a good interactive story should not miss.

Strange Horticulture

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

Possibly the best incarnation of the tiny office simulator genre created by Papers Please. You’ve inherited your uncle’s strange horticulture shop, and it’s up to you to take care of it, responding to the mysterious requests of the townspeople, exploring the surroundings, and learning how to work. catalog each of the plants. All of this presented in a physical way in which we must open maps, pick up cards, store them in drawers, turn pages of books… Each action is faithfully represented in a playable way and soon the intrigue of the story will leave us glued to the seat during its duration.

Spark the Electric Jester 3

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

When a sonic developer decides to break away from the studio and create his own vision, free from fetters, we get this title. A real wonder for fans of the fastest rodent, Spark the Electric Jester 3 he shows absolute mastery and understanding of what makes Sonic tick the rare time he ticks. Perhaps his combat could be improved, but it is such a small part of the total experience that it hardly bothers us. When we’re racing through levels with more variety than the last decade of Sega proposals we can forgive any small mistake and the movements available to our protagonist allow us to reach completely absurd speeds if we commit to perfecting it. In the last update, all the levels of the second part of the saga were included, taking the available content to insane heights.

Hardspace Shipbreaker

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

Who would say to be a space junker could it be so much fun This is our mission at Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a game where the peace of space is added to a meditative task of obtaining resources from used ships. We will have to learn different techniques to penetrate the surface of the ships, distributing them to their appropriate containers to obtain the maximum benefits. Always accompanied by a wonderful spatial country soundtrack that reminds us of Firefly, rest in peace. If you want a calming game with which to spend these holidays with light brain stimulation and excellent physics, give it a try.


13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

This shmup, which has passed through digital stores without any glory, is something special in a genre where even the best installments rarely leave spaceships and science fiction themes. Here we have a journey through the mind of a girl in a coma, facing her fears, a theme that makes each level is capable of surprising and amaze us with the design of their enemies. To this we must add a gameplay that cements the title as one of the best twin stick shooter we’ve ever played, with an extremely well measured difficulty curve. Eighty levels confirm it as a more than juicy bet for the lover of the genre.

Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

The roguelikes continue to evolve, becoming a genre capable of catching all other genres, a real whirlwind that it is all-consuming and that it will only end when we finally have a roguelike based on the “catch-pìlla”. Meanwhile, the latest victim has been chess and we are thankful that he has succumbed to the disease. Shotgun King is a small but extremely complex and infinitely difficult roguelike. we are the king, we have a shotgun and we must kill the rest of the figures along each route. Every time we finish a board we will be able to choose improvements for our character, but they will also make new pieces appear on the board, thus allowing us to customize the challenge together with our character. Masterful, an example of absolute simplicity over unnecessary complexities.

Super Kiwi 64

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

Little to say about this game barely an hour long that manages in such a short time to perfectly replicate the experience of those 3D platforms of the famous console Nintendo. For little more than the cost of a coffee you have here a small fragment of impeccable nostalgia. When the only problem with a game is that there isn’t enough game.

freedom planet 2

13 hidden gems that you should not miss in 2022

The other great sonic copy of the yearthis sequel with seven years of development behind it comes to take the throne of the Sonics 2D and frankly, if it doesn’t, it comes surprisingly close. With four characters and their respective campaigns made up of dozens of levels, freedom planet 2 It is a real gem that has only been able to go unnoticed because it has not yet been released on consoles. With some of the best and most varied levels we’ve ever played on any platform, a vastly improved combat system, and otherworldly pixelated graphics, freedom planet 2 It is a more than sumptuous offer for any fan of two-dimensional speed.

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