12 gems to discover on the Nintendo Switch eShop in December

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Throughout November and the first days of December, the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch has given many joy to those looking for different, unique and fresh games. In the catalog of the digital store there is something for all tastes: from renewed graphic adventures to roguelikes originals, going through metroidvanias very well measured and a couple of titles that expand the universe of the popular League of Legends. In this article we review the 12 most outstanding works that you can find this month in the eShop.

Airborne kingdom

Airborne kingdom it’s a game of city ​​management and construction very original thanks to its thematic proposal and how it relates to the gameplay. Players create a kingdom in the air and they will have to expand it, managing the lift and propulsion of the buildings; but they will also have to forge alliances with earth kingdoms, complete missions and research new technologies. The goal is to bring all the kingdoms together, an experience to be different in each game since the map is generated randomly. In addition, there are New Game + and Free Play modes.

Beyond a Steel Sky

27 years after Beneath a Steel Sky, Charles Cecil, creator of Broken sword, launches a spiritual sequel with Beyond a Steel Sky and with the artistic direction of Dave Gibbons (Watchmen). It is a graphic adventure that can be enjoyed without any problem without having played the original title, which has a very good world construction and script, and that smooths the traditional rough edges of the genre: the puzzles are solid And without absurd solutions, the exploration is enjoyable, in short, it is very fun and immersive.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a exploration adventure third-person narrative-centric where players explore the ocean with the goal of marvel and learn about the deep sea. As the scientist Mirai, who is part of a research team, you will have to see, hear and interact with the ocean in different ways, all surrounded by a soundtrack with music by Miles Davis, The Flaming Lips, The Edisons and more. .

Death’s door

The fans of the The Legend of Zelda classics not to be missed Death’s door, one of the most lauded indie games of 2021 finally coming to Nintendo Switch. The protagonist, a crow that works collecting souls of the living in a highly bureaucratic job, he is suddenly embroiled in an adventure to catch a stolen weapon. By the way of this fable about life and death participate in a multitude of battles, solve simple puzzles and defeat spectacular final bosses.

Loop Hero

Loop Hero It’s one of the most original games to be released in 2021, and also one that fits like a glove on the Switch’s portable capabilities. It’s about a roguelike in which the character moves automatically down a circular path. The player’s goal is to go building the world around of that path, and according to the elements used, some enemies or others appear, certain statistics of the character are enhanced and certain situations are created. When enough world has been built, the final boss of the turn appears, but although the combat is also automaticIt is very important to have equipped our character well throughout the game to defeat him.

Happy game

Amanita Design, the award-winning studio responsible for Samorost and Chuchel, come back with a horror-centric graphic adventure. Happy game is a puzzle game that is solved in a very unpleasant way with a very particular aesthetics, where sympathetic and grotesque collide to create a surprising, original, attractive and stylish experience.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story is one of the earliest titles from Riot Forge, the hallmark of the creators of League of Legends with which they intend to expand the universe of Runeterra with games developed by independent studios with original ideas. That is the case. Choice Provisions, the makers of Bit.Trip and Card of Darkness, they bring us a gil rhythm musical game and full of explosions where Ziggs embarks on a mission to build the largest bomb in the world.

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Based on the manganime of the same name, Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth it’s a metroidvania visually stunning that while it is more enjoyable if the original license is known, its light plot allows anyone to play it. Sections of platforms, fight against a variety of enemies, defeat huge bosses, level up, get equipment and acquire skills that will allow us to advance through other areas of the map. All this he does very well, but it is the artistic that puts the finishing touch here.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Like the previous case mentioned, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Expand the universe of Runeterra with a Single player RPG that serves as a perfect introduction to that world and that is signed by the developers of the remarkable Battle Chasers: Nightwar. In the adventure we explore a world in three-dimensional isometric perspective where there will be chat with characters and fight in tactical engagements very well measured, all with an impeccable audiovisual style signed by Joe Madureira (Darksiders, Uncanny X-Men).

The Legend of Tianding

The Legend of Tianding it’s a me against the neighborhood in two dimensions inspired by a Taiwanese legend perhaps little known in these parts, but similar to the stories of Robin Hood or El Zorro. This is a side scrolling adventure with a visual style comic style very remarkable, with a agility in movement and combat more than resectable, where we learn curious skills such as steal during clashes and that it is full of varied situations and colorful battles against final bosses.

Unreal life

Unreal life is a surreal adventure centered on narrative and puzzles where the players will put themselves in the shoes of a girl who has lost all her memories. Next to a talking traffic light travels to a strange city in order to recover his memory. Along the way, you will have to solve puzzles centered on the power of the girl from see the memories of the objects and to compare the past with the present.

Where Cards Fall

Where Cards Fall is a narrative puzzle that tells one of those stories of transition from adolescence to adulthood. The originality is that these narrative unfolds without any dialogue, but thanks to the soundtrack, the interactions with other characters, and the space puzzles based on building houses and roads with cards.

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