10 Times Angelina Jolie Nailed The Modern Feline Flick

Since she burst onto the Hollywood scene in the ’90s, Angelina Jolie has enhanced her ocean-green eyes with a feline flick. Yes, the look has evolved over the years, but at red-carpet events Jolie is rarely seen without her signature liner. As timeless as it is modern, she wears one iteration of the look on British Vogue’s March cover – and boy does she do it well.

Rachel Goodwin, the make-up artist behind Jolie’s cover look, says there is power in sticking to a look that is quintessentially you. “Angelina is such an iconic beauty, and the public has watched her transform into many different versions of herself both on and off the screen for years,” she says. “For this cover I felt it important to honour the woman she is today, highlighting her natural beauty and embellishing it only where it felt like it reflected who she is in this moment of her story. She’s a woman who knows exactly who she is, and I wanted her make-up to reflect that.”

To that end, she created a soft smoky flick – very Jolie – that showcases exactly the woman she is today. To achieve the look, Goodwin blended a soft matte grey and brown eyeshadow across her lids, up to the crease, leaving her brow bone bare except for a hydrating balm dabbed on top for a subtle glow. “I finished with a fine line of black liquid liner above her lash line, and extended it just past the outer edges of her eyes for a slight feline quality,” she explains of the “refined and feminine” look. She left the rest of the star’s face minimal, to let her eyes do the talking. “The look allowed her to be comfortable in her own skin and to really be herself, which was our goal for the entire shoot,” she says. Job well done.

Here, find 10 other times Jolie nailed the look, from the ’90s to now.

The March issue of British Vogue is on newsstands on 5 February.

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