10 exercises to lose gut that are very effective, endorsed by experts

Getting a flat stomach is one of the dreams that many of us pursue. Apart from your aesthetic appearancehave a strong abdomen and without tripe it brings many health benefitssince strong abs protect our lower back and they prevent us from injure ourselves easily. But how to achieve it without involving a real sacrifice?

The best exercises to lose guts and show off a strong abdomen

For lose gut and boast of a flat stomach it is not enough to just work core areabut we must accompany the training with a feeding that allows us to reduce abdominal fat. Thus, the experts of Mayo Clinic recommend following a diet with “fruits, vegetables Y whole grainsas well as lean sources of proteins and products dairy low-fat.” In addition, they add that we should limit “the sugar added and the Saturated fats“.

ALT: 10 exercises to lose belly that are very effective, endorsed by experts

Crunch with the feet supported.PEXELS

In this way, the mixture of healthy diet Y physical activity bring you closer to you purpose to achieve a flat stomach. To do this, you must include moderate activity in your routine, of at least 150 minutes a week, such as brisk walking, or 75 minutes of intense activity with training like the ones we show you below.

One of the most effective exercises are planks

Remain isometric plank favors that burn abdominal fat and that tone up your belly. To do it, put yourself in horizontal position face down on the floor elevated on your hands or your flexed elbows. Keep the exercise in a straight line from head to toe for a few 30 seconds or during a minute.

Boost your abdomen with the burpee exercise

It is one of the most complete exercises, since with the burpees We work several muscle groups: triceps, shoulders, chest, quads and, most importantly, the core. To perform it correctly, stand up and, with your feet hip-width apart, send your legs back and supports the hands on the ground slightly lowering your chest towards him. Then get up to the table position and push yourself up again with the help of your hands until you are standing again. Repeat several times during 45 seconds.

Pick up the pace with the climbers to get a flat stomach

The climbersor also known as mountain climberare plank exercises in motion that are very beneficial to work the abdomen. sit in elevated plankon the wrists, tucks the navel in and wears a knee to him chest and then the other alternately. You can do it slowly either give it rhythm for more work cardiovascular.

Crunch with weight: the abdominals of a lifetime to reduce belly

One of the simple exercises that can help you define your abdomen is he weighted crunch. To do this, lie on the ground with your semi-flexed legs and feet supported and put on a dumbbell between your hands (if you don’t have one, you can take a tetra brik of milk). Raise your trunk slightly off the ground, separating the scapulae and hold the dumbbell at head height.

Try leg scissoring for a strong tummy

Another exercise that you can incorporate into your routine and that can help you reduce gut are the calls scissors. Lying face up on the ground, raise one leg until forming a 90 degree angle or a little more and go alternating one and the other. You can help with the hands to try to catch the ankle for more intensity.

Try doing the back scissors to work the abdomen

Instead of doing the exercise face upas in the previous one, the scissors back consists in lie face down and alternately raise one arm and the opposite leg, keeping the position a few seconds. The movement is as if you were practicing swimming. In addition to working the lower backyou will be strengthening the Abdominal girdle.

The leg lift, another exercise routine to get a flat belly

The leg raises It is a very beneficial exercise to work the area of ​​the core and tone the legs and, best of all, it is very easy of doing. lie down face up on the ground and raise the two legs together until forming a 90 degree angle with your trunk and go down and up several times. You can do it softer with the semi-flexed legsor, if you want to try doing it with more intensitytry to raise and lower the straight legs.

Work the obliques with the Russian twists to lose belly

The russian twist consists of a core exercise that allows to work oblique abssince they imply a turn to one side and to the other. To perform it correctly, sit on the floor and take a dumbbell in your hands. raise the feet and the two legs to form a right angle. Then lean back with the spine long and tall, keeping the torso at an angle of 45 degrees. Then move the dumbbell to one side and to the other, rotating slightly the torso. You will notice its effect.

HIIT exercises: kettlebell raises to achieve a flat stomach

The HIIT exercisesthat is, from High intensityare also beneficial for working the abdominal area Y burn calories. In the case of swing or the sways with kettlebell you will not only work the core area and the Middle areabut also the gluteal muscles, shoulders Y legs. To make them, take a kettlebell and raise it from the ground to the height of the nose. if you want to give more intensity to the exercise, try raising the weight up to above the head.

Practice these yoga asanas to reduce the gut

The practice of yoga will also help you reduce the Abdominal fat. Now, before focusing on just one positionhis thing is that you apply a complete routine in which they are included asanaslike that of camel, which consists of getting on your knees and leaning your body back until your hands can grasp your ankles. Or try one of the positions proposed xuan lan in this routine.

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