10 Crazy Riding Lawn Mowers You Need To See

Best Crazy Riding Lawn Mowers parts and accessories - Ditch Devil


Breilmaier Lawn Mower

10 Best Riding Lawn Mowers - Breilmaier Lawn Mower

The first of our 10 crazy riding lawn mowers is not a homemade invention. The Breilmaier lawn mower is a professional mower use to cut large sloping areas. Apparently the low center of gravity provides an optimal cut. Pretty odd looking mower if you ask us. In addition, the Brielmaier Company said, “It drives three water-powered pumps, which supply oil to the pressure-driven motors to drive the wheels and to cut grass. Each wheel’s drive is done exclusively.” The machine characteristics guarantees precise operation, even on steep hill. If we see these for sale at Menards or Walmart, we may have to give this mower a spin.

Best Crazy Riding Lawn Mowers for sale - Curtiss P-40 Lawn Mower


Ditch Devil

Best Crazy Riding Lawn Mowers parts and accessories - Ditch Devil

The next of our best crazy riding lawn mowers required some accessories, parts, and ingenuity. We’ve all come across a low point in the yard that we can’t quite seem to trim properly. However, this guy’s got an entire ditch to deal with. Rather than risk his safety and his lawn mower, he’s got the perfect plan!

Just attach a small push mower on a scale-able bar to the riding mower and get to work. And if you’ll notice the grass on one side of the ditch vs. the other, you can tell that this homemade mower really works well!

Monster Mower - Best Crazy Riding Lawn Mowers


Curtiss P-40 Lawn Mower

Best Crazy Riding Lawn Mowers for sale - Curtiss P-40 Lawn Mower

Look at one of the best crazy riding lawn mowers we found. It appears we’ve got a World War II vet who likes to mow the lawn on our hand. And dare we say it, the man probably flew a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk in the war as well – that, or he just loves the aircraft.

The Flying Tigers, known officially as the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG), were a unit of the Chinese Air Force, recruited from U.S. aviators. From late 1941, the P-40B was used by the Flying Tigers. They were divided into three pursuit squadrons, the “Adam & Eves”, the “Panda Bears” and the “Hell’s Angels”. What a cool-looking, strange lawn mower.


Monster Mower

Monster Mower - Best Crazy Riding Lawn Mowers

Jack it all the way up, why don’t ya? The fourth of our best riding lawn mowers have some exciting parts, bigger tires than most pick-ups! However, from the looks of it, this is a mid-1990s red Kawasaki riding lawn mower. But let’s not get away from the point at hand: which is those 40+-inch tires with three-inch tread accessories!

This one’s a lot of fun to look at. And what backyard masterpiece is complete without Old Glory flying off the back. Oh and by the way, the jury’s still out on whether this monster mower can even cut the grass…


A Different Kind Of Riding Mower

We are not used to this type of riding mower. However, it is sure strange and fun to look at and observe! Extra metal support bars were welded to the bike frame to keep the mowing blades attached. Obviously, with this type of mower, there’s no motor to speak of so the power comes from the legs.

I wonder how fast you can get on a bike/mower? Also, the strip of grass behind the rear tire won’t be getting mowed, so some extra legwork will be needed with this lawn mower. Probably not something you’d see for sale at Walmart or Menards.


Jeep Mower? Lawn Wrangler?

First question: Is that a fireplace grate used to look like the Jeep’s grill? This completely homemade Jeep Warngler lawn mower is awesome! The beauty of this lawn mower comes from its contained small, realistic details.

The hoot latches on the mowers hood look just like the Wrangler! Also, how many roll bars do you see on a lawn mower? Probably not many. These are identical to the Wrangler’s. Additionally, the headlights are perfect! What a fun, strange unusual jeep-looking lawnmower.


The Tank Mower

This Oregon man was cutting his yard when he thought to himself, “What could make this more fun?” A woodworker by trade, he decided to build a custom tank out of his lawnmower. However, you have to hand it to him, this looks like a lot of fun to cut the grass in.


1947 Gravely

This is how lawn mowers used to look in the 1940’s. This is a Gravely Clean Cut sit mower from 1947. The owner refurbished it quite nicely. Gravely is a longstanding name in the realm of lawn movers, having started back in 1911.

Benjamin Gravely designed his first power-driven push mower in 1911. However, he didn’t perfect it to sell until 1922. Since then, Gravely has been a household name in the mower and tractor industry.


Cutting Grass or Burning Leaves?

Take a second to take it all in…there’s a lot to look at with this one. Most of what you see is just for show. Therefore the actual mower is a fairly standard riding lawn mower. While some of these extravagant parts are most-likely only for show, we applaud the detail on the flame paint job.

Really crispy work on the flames. Imagine the faces of the neighbors, or unsuspecting passerby, as they cruise along and see this zipping along the grass out of their window! This is definitely a hot rod not afraid to be different, um we mean lawn mower.


Low Rider, Lawn Mower

Let’s all take a step back to take in everything this photo has to offer. This awesome guy took an ape-hanger motorcycle, chopped it off at the midriff. In addition, he welded the bike to the body of a John Deere riding lawn mower.

Odds are, the bike wasn’t John Deere green and yellow before the remodel – so throw in a custom paint job, too. This has to be the peak of lawn mower luxury, right? Oh and if you haven’t had time to notice all the small details of this wild photograph….this guy has a saxophone in his lap! What is going on?

Enjoy these. Check out more unusual lawnmowers we love.

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