10 Aesthetic and Sultry Swimsuit Poses Perfect for Instagram, As Seen on Kendall Jenner

You can trust the model for poses that will make people stop and stare.

Trust reality-star alumni turned model of social media fame, Kendall Jenner, to always have a pose for every outfit and occasion. There’s no denying that the 25-year-old brunette loves to keep it Sєxy on and off the runway with her bra-less OOTDs and barely-there ʙικιɴιs. So, when it comes to turning up swimsuit pH๏τos that will make people stop and stare on Instagram, there’s no need to look any further but at Kendall’s feed.

Though her younger sister Kylie is known to be bombastic on the ‘gram, Kendall prefers classier and more low-key poses that still attract attention. We’re not saying she doesn’t have any nearly naked snaps, but the model makes it a point to show skin as tasteful as possible with a more relaxed stance. Below, we round-up 10 Instagrammable poses from statuesque the Jenner you should definitely copy for your next swimsuit OOTD.

10 Sєxy Poses in Swimsuits, As Seen on Kendall Jenner

1. Top SH๏τ Sitting Down

A high camera angle is always flattering. If you want to make yourself appear longer and leaner while sitting, be sure to take your OOTD from up above. Cropping is important too, and if you have the ends of your body fill the frame, you’ll notice that it creates a more dynamic pic!


2. Running Arms Outstretched

They say to play with proportions, and as far as Kendall is concerned this also means movement! Try running towards the am with your arms away from the body to create an interesting shape that’ll make you look taller, too!


3. Lay Down Sideways

The key is to stretch your body as much as possible. If you want to flaunt your legs, be sure to lean on one side and point your toes while you’re at it. Try to bend one knee to create a more obvious curve by your waist!


4. Top SH๏τ with Both Knees Bent

Kendall always has a clever way of hiding body parts she doesn’t want seen. In this case, she’d rather draw your eye to her upper body than her waist down. But the camera angle and pose also creates a flattering shape for her booty despite her bottom being tucked away.


5. A Tiny Mirror Selfie

The model loved a good mirror selfie. If you want to be discreet while wearing a revealing ʙικιɴι, be sure to take the snap at a distance with the phone covering your face for extra censorship.


6. Hips Out and Arms Up

This is one of Kendall’s signature poses when in a swimsuit and we can totally see why! The sitting position helps emphasize her curves while her raised arms help her look even taller. Talk about beating the foreshortening that usually happens when taking pics while sitting!



7. Lean Back with Your Head Towards the Camera

The trick to taking pH๏τos in a swimsuit is to create interesting silhouettes that flatter your figure. That said, keeping your body at an angle and with your head facing the camera gives you more control of how your jaw will look in the pH๏τo. While your body at a ¾ angle is a foolproof way to looking compact and curvy.


8. Back and Booty to the Camera

If you don’t want to show off your bum in its entirety, don’t be afraid to just crop the pH๏τo strategically like Kendall! This pose is best if you want to flaunt your bottom while drawing attention to your waist and shoulders, too.


9. Head Turned Away Sitting Down

So, you want to show off the body your worked hard for but are still a little bit shy? Then don’t look at the cam! Sitting down also works if you’re peтιтe since height won’t matter in the pH๏τo. We recommend this pose to girls with a longer torso since it helps them maximize the length of their upper half.


10. Lay Down with Arms Propped

Got abs? Then why hide them? Kendall shows you how to put the spotlight on your fitness without looking crᴀss. Take the pH๏τo from afar and at an angle as you flex. The lighting will give your midsection the highlight it deserves.


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